09 Feb 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!!


The weeks are flying by fast but I’m loving it!  My companion and I are getting along really well so we’ve been having fun and working hard.


Buuuut this week I was SO stressed out I feel way bad for Hart shimai because she had to put up with me.  My ward mission leader even called and told me I need to take a break and eat a cookie.  The ks haven’t had a lesson for weeks… They’ve cancelled the last 4 appointments we set up.  But the thing is that they don’t tell us they get busy, so on Friday we waited outside of their apartment in the freezing weather for an hour.  Anyways it’s hard on the mission because all I think about are the people we work with… We pray for them and plan for them and dream for them every second of the day.  So when they stop progressing and stop putting us as a priority, I stress about it every second of the day.  But it’s been a huge lesson to me about leaving it to the lord after we’ve done everything we can.


Ch and Ke are doing awesome… Taught the restoration last week and it was way powerful.  It’s so amazing to hear someone say “I believe this is true.”


Hart shimai and I have been working to find specific miracles… Like on Tuesday, we prayed and decided that we were going to find a mother who was ready to accept us.  We talked to literally every single mother on the streets but kept getting rejected.  So on our way back home at the end of the day we see a pregnant woman walking with another child.  We end up talking for 15 minutes and explaining church and our purpose.  She gave us her contact information and even HUGGED US HAHAHA and we were sooooo grateful afterwards.


Other random things:

-made nikuman at the church with a member and her Chinese friend.  It was legit… Took 5 hours to steam (we only stayed for 1) and was the most delicious thing I have eaten.

-the Air Force base is in our area and there are so many Americans around here that we started a japanese class along with our ENGLISH class every week.  We went and helped the elders spread the word about the class by giving out flyers by the base… So we had to speak in English and it was WAY scarier and harder to approach people and invite them in English than japanese.  So crazy how different it is.

-went to Kamakura today and got to do a bunch of touristy things!  So fun!


Sorry this is so random but I’m doing good and loving it here!!  But everyone read D&C 19:15-19… So cool.  The savior wants us to repent so badly.  He suffered so much for us and all we have to do is repent and the pain and suffering and guilt won’t be so agonizing or deep.  We can be healed again.  And he’s so sorrowful when we don’t repent.  But the amazing thing is,  He’s not sorrowful we wasted the pain he went through.  He doesn’t look at it as a waste.  He’s sorrowful because we have to feel the pain he did, and he wants more than anything for us not to have to do that.


Love you!


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