12 Jan 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!


This we was way awesome, plus the sun was out almost the whole week which means I am happy no matter what happens!


-We went into Hiroshima 3 times this week… first we had Zone Training Meeting. I am the oldest in my zone… it is so weird because it seems like yesterday I just got here as a fresh bean who didn’t know anything and now I’ve been here the longest. The second time was for Katou san’s baptism… he is the one that Burgon and I found. I got to speak and it was way cool to see him baptized. And lastly we will go again tonight… the Kiribayashi’s invited all of the Saijo missionaries and Hikari missionaries over. And our investigator, Watanabe san, is coming and bringing her 3 kids! So pumped.


-F san, one of our lovely eikaiwa students, had all of the missionaries over again to teach us how to play the koto. I was the only who had been before… it was weird going for a second time with all different people. Super fun though!


– Ok so craziest experience ever… Sister Sanford’s first week here, like 6 weeks ago, we were knocking on houses and we got to this super huge super moden super nice house and this lady answered the door and we alked to her for like a total of 2 minuts and got her number and that was it. We tried to contact her several times but she was always busy. Well she randomly calls us this week and sets up an appointment at this bakery… so we meet her there and she announces to everyone in the shop that she will be treating us to lunch and then proceedes to hand us trays and usher us around. Haha it was so crazy… just one of those things where she really likes Americans. In the end, after we refused the money, she left us with gift bags and ten dollars each… which we paid to the missionary fund haha. It was just a way funnyexperience.


Our investigators are doing way good!

-Ta san is someone who the elders found… we met with her and her 12 year old son for like 30 minutes and she said she would come to church… both her and her son rode their bikes on Sunday! She loved it and said she would come back every week. Biggest miracle ever was when our ward mission leader turned out to be her middl school art teacher…. so cool!Her Japanese is WAYYYY hard though and I understand 5% of what she says…

– We made a baptismal calendar with No san and set all the days we will meet until her baptism next month!

– Yo san has a baptismal date. She is 40 and lives with her husband and in laws and 10 year old son. She told us this past week that she hasn’t told them anything about the church. Her in-laws are way buddhist and traditional. We told her family is more important and fully expected herto stop lessons…. instead she said she will tell them! She is wayyyyy quiet and we are so proud of her. Please pray for her and that her in-law’s hearts will be softened!


Love you!


IMG_1876 IMG_1888 IMG_1897 IMG_1915 IMG_1924


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