12 Jan 2015 / Erin Letter

So it’s going to be a short one today because this week was awful in
terms of missionary work… We tried so hard but it felt like nothing
happened, or things just got worse.  And I’m sick… Yesterday I woke
up and had a sore throat and was dizzy but did the whole “I’m not
really sick just tired, and I can’t rest because there is someone who
needs to hear our message and is waiting for us” thing. Bad idea… we
had to go back to the apartment early because I was shaking and had a
high fever and couldn’t talk and my companion almost made me go to the
hospital haha.

But anyways the news of the week: we FINALLY got in contact again with
Ki San and her daughter after two weeks of nothing.  Turns out
she had a problem… She felt like she was being pressured to be
baptized and that choosing when to get baptized wasn’t her choice.
It’s so frustrating when I want to comfort her and tell her what I
really feel but can’t do it in japanese.  But we tried our best to
assure her that it’s her choice and we love her and will love her no
matter what she chooses.  I’m still way anxious about it because she
still won’t set an appointment with us and keeps saying she’s busy.
It’s way hard too because our other progressing investigator dropped
us so we are back to finding people all day.  And it’s freezing.  So
pray for her!!  But a kind of funny story is that we heart attacked
her door a week ago because I was panicking that she wouldn’t talk to
us, so I thought that if we heart attacked her she would have to say
thanks, right?  Well she was NOT A FAN.  Warning to everyone: DO NOT
HEART ATTACK  DOORS IN JAPAN.  People will get way embarrassed and ask
you to never do it again because it’s strange and their neighbors can
see it and they don’t like it and it makes them uncomfortable.

Other  funny experience was when we had lunch with ka san, a 70
year old lady we met on the street and talked to for only 3 minutes
tops, but we got her number and she invited us over for lunch.  We
agreed to meet at a park and we all biked over to her house.  While we
were biking I was like, this is the strangest thing ever.  Two 19 year
olds following a 70 year old woman on her bike to have lunch and her
house.  And we had only ever talked for 5 minutes and introduced
ourselves…what normal people do this?!?! But it was a really good
visit and she doesn’t want to take lessons or go to church, but she
listened to us really well and asked questions about what we taught.

Okay sorry this is so not interesting but I’m not feeling good so I’m
out!!  Also we got transfer calls last night and I’m staying in Yamato
WOOOOOOO and I’m getting a new companion who came to Japan 3 months
before me.  She’s from San Diego and  I know her pretty well… We’ve
been in the same zone and  actually taught together and she’s a way
hard worker so I’m sooooo excited.

Okay bye love you!

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