19 Jan 2015 / Anna Letter



No time so this will be fast. I bet missionaries are some of the fastest typers in the world.


This week was way fun! Didn’t seem like transfer week at all… all of Saijo stayed the same!


Tuesday was the best ever! P-day and the Lambs took us into Costco… I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything but ended up getting a big bag of dried mangos #shoutouttokayla


Then after we went to the Kiribayashi’s! They had a big dinner for all the Hikari and Saijo missionaries and our investigator, doctor and single-mother Watanabe san, came with all her kids. It was just a fun time with a special spirit.


We set a baptismal date with Ak-chan, Na-shimai’s daughter! March 14 and it will for sure happen. We taught about eternal families this past week and it is a blessing to see one in the making. They will for sure be going to the temple next year. Anyway it has been SO HARD to teach a 13 year old… everyone else I’ve taught has been in their 40’s with a huge need for the gospel… and Ak is kind of like I was when I was 13… she knows it’s a good thing and that’s kind of it. Anyway the BOM has not been a strength for her so we made this cute scripture journal.. each page has a date and one single scripture. Everyday she reads that scripture and writes how she feels. Also funny thing… we bought her a plant and told her to water it every single time she prays so that she could she her faith grow… turns out we accidentaly bought a cactus hahahaha.


Anyway we are so busy but so good.


Love, Anna



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