19 Jan 2015 / Erin Letter

     Everyone!  We had an amazing week!!  First off, I got a new companion,
and on her first day she goes, “we are going to work really hard and
we need to be 100% obedient” and I was like I LOVE YOU WHERE DID YOU

And the results have been awesome!  We’ve had a really fun past few
days with SOOO many miracles.  I am so excited for this transfer… I
feel like it’s going to go way fast.

it’s way far.  As in April.  But we’re working on that.  We had the
best week with them… Some highlights…
-on Wednesday the ENTIRE family (even boyfriends and grandkids) came
to eikaiwa and I think they felt bad for not contacting us over New
Years because they brought presents for us hahaha, I am now the proud
owner of a new pair of fuzzy socks and ear muffs.
-on Saturday they came to our ward activity where we pounded a bunch
of rice and made mochi and it was delicious and way fun.  And Emiko
san told me that she knows prayers work because she prayed so I
wouldn’t transfer and it worked HAHAHA.
-on Sunday both Em and Chi san, as well as two members and us
missionaries, fasted for 24 hours so that they would know if they
baptismal date they had chosen was right or not.  CAN WE JUST GIVE IT
UP FOR THEIR AMAZING FAITH?!?!?!?!!!  We taught them what fasting was
the day before, yet they had so much faith that God would answer them
if they fasted that they decided to do it for the first time for 24
hours.  These two are amazing.  Also On Sunday Em San told me that
she dreamed the night before that she accidently ate something and she
was soooo relieved when she woke up and it wasn’t real hahaha.
-and lastly, the reason for the April 4th date… Em San really
likes symbolism and what not.  So she wanted to get baptized on her
birthday but that’s in October.  So she wanted to get baptized on her
grandsons birthday but that’s in 5 days.  So then the next day with a
special meaning was in April, the day her brother passes away.  She
said right now she feels like at date is good, but we will see if it

So, yes, I love these two woman.  Yesterday I sat back and realized
that two months ago, I had no clue who they were and they had no clue
what our church was.  And now I feel like they are my best friends,
and they are changing their lives for this church.  I can’t believe
what this gospel can do… It works miracles and changes lives and I
am soooooo privileged to be able to see it everyday.

Okay no time but we had other really awesome things happen so we are
just going to keep working and hoping to see some more awesome things.
I don’t even know what to write but basically I love everyone.

Also today I went to Yokohama and Chinatown to celebrate my birthday
WOOOOOO I love JAPAN… and also China I guess.  I am so lucky to live
here for a year and a half and serve these people.

image99 image44 image36 image11 image9 image1


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