22 Dec 2014 / Erin Letter

The good news:  IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!  So excited!  I am loving this
time of year because people are so much more willing to talk to us and
also they give us really delicious food.

The bad news: my companion has the flu.  So we had to cancel our
appointments today and will probably have to cancel our caroling and
crazy Christmas plans this week and it’s sad because my companion
doesn’t celebrate Christmas or do anything for it so it’s just me in
the little apartment listening to Christmas songs all by myself.
PRAYING that she gets better because we have so many fun plans and
appointments this week!

BUT it was a great week!  The good:

Two weeks ago we had a first lesson with one of our eikaiwa students.
We met with him again last week and he had read past Enos in the Book
of Mormon in six days.  THAT IS 138 PAGES.  Crazy and amazing.  But
unfortunently we had to give him to the elders because he’s a guy.

Our new investigator, Hi, met one of our ward members at the ward
Christmas party.  The member asked how she met the missionaries and
she said “I was at the train station and Gazdik san told me she liked
my pink rain jacket.”  And then our other investigator said “I was at
the park and Gazdik san sat down next to me and started petting my
dog.”  Hahaha I love it.  It made me so grateful… No matter where
these people go or what they chose to do, I get the privilege of being
part of their story.  Just a little bit.  But I am so grateful for the
opportunity to give hope and light and love and help to these people.
I love them!!

I’ve learned quite a bit of japanese sign language… SHUWA.  There is
a deaf lady in our ward and one of our less actives who we teach is
deaf.  A large part of our ward can do SHUWA and they have meetings
once a month and teach it.  It’s actually way cool, so tamagusuku
shimai and I spent a few days learning how to sign silent night.  And
we went and caroled (with our hands) to our deaf ward member, less
active, and others.  It was way cool!

We went and visited og San this week, ready to drop her.  But we
had a really good lesson on faith and she admitted that she hadn’t
been acting to grow her faith.  I told her that she has a bunch of
seeds right now and that she won’t get the fruit until she actually
does something!! But I actually said pickles because that’s her
favorite food.  Except I told her that the fruits of the gospel are
way better than pickles. So she committed (again) to praying and is
going to make time to come to church.  We are planning to read lehi’s
dream with her next.

Ki San and her daughter Chi are WAY AMAZING and are
progressing!!  But the other daughter, Ay, keeps canceling her
appointments so now I’m stressed because she’s way behind.  Hoping we
can meet with her this week.

Had an amazing Christmas party at church.  Both the English ward and
japanese ward came, which means japanese food and AMERICAN FOOD, yes
we had turkey and ham and green bean casserole (thank you Costco.).
160 people showed up and so many of our investigators and PI’s came!!!
 Such a great night, and the missionaries sand silent night with the
eikaiwa students.

I basically only make and eat japanese food now!!  It’s the best!!  I
don’t even know what I’m making or chopping up but it’s good!  Right
now I’m living off miso soup, nato, and little whole octopus’. Also I
haven’t eaten butter or cheese or normal sliced bread since I’ve been
here.  And the other day I was way craving chipotle.  I don’t know,
weird food things.

Okay I hope everyone has THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER please sleep in and
wear pajamas all day and watch some hallmark for me.

Love you!



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