26 Jan 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!


Shout-out to the best party week ever! Birthday, interview with president and stake conference meant it was a really fast, really awesome week. But first a little bit on our investigators:


Yo- We had the elders come to our lesson so that Elder Otani could role-play with Yo-san. He was her husband and she was herself… asking for permission to be baptized. I am so proud of this woman. He pressed her hard and she was brave and kind and bore her testimony… it was so amazing to see. Please pray for her. She and Sanford Shimai and I fasted together yesterday so that her husband’s heart will be softened when she tells him this coming Sunday, the 1st.


Soooo on Monday our investigator To-san took us out for lunch and had the whole restaurant sing me happy birthday! She is the best. Then on Thursday we went into Hiroshima for interviews with president… the zone leaders surprised me and had made me banana bread and president and the ap’s and everyone sang to me. President said OSU won as a birthday present for me haha. Then Friday was my actual birthday! I ran at 6:30 am in the dark just so that I can tell people I ran at 6:30 am on my birthday for the rest of my life… Sanford Shimai is the best. She surprised me with pancakes for breakfast and chocolate and lunch with the elders… who paid for my meal. So I was feeling way spoiled and stuff. And then that night we had a party for Shunka ( member… her birthday was on the 24th). It was a surprise party for her… we used the excuse that it was my party so that she would come. Well little did I know everyone else was keeping a secret from me… it was a joint birthday party! Way fun and I got presents and everything. So waayyyyyy spoiled on my birthday but definitely felt everyone’s love.


Ok that basically sums up the week haha! Sorry no time but I love Japan and missionary work!





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