26 Jan 2015 / Erin

Hey everyone!

This week was so busy but so amazing!!!  I am loving where we are at
right now… Working hard and seeing so many miracles everyday!

We threw a big FHE at our church for the Ki family
(grandma/daughter/granddaughter fam who have baptismal dates) and
invited ward members and I was way nervous because I was in charge of
everything and then 10 minutes before two investigator families called
and told me they wouldn’t come and our less active came but didn’t
bring any his wife or kids and then the KI fam said they would be
a half an hour late and I realized I didn’t know how to explain the
game in japanese so basically my comp had to calm me down from a panic
attack.  BUT it turned out way good and was an awesome defining moment
for everyone.

Also we found two new investigators this week.  Ch (huge, tall
African man who doesn’t speak japanese) and KE (super cool graphic
designer who can’t really speak English) so basically that’s true love
for you… They can’t understand each other 100% but they’ve been
married for 5 years!  When we first knocked on their door keiko let us
in and she cried three times during our lesson.  We went back a few
days later and she cried three more times.  And then we dropped off a
note for her a few days later and she said she cried when she read it
hahahahahahaha she feels the spirit better than I can!!!  But they are
SO ready for the gospel.  Ke said that when we teach her she feels
like her heart is getting a massage.  It was amazing when we taught
her about God, christ, and the Holy Ghost.  My companion taught in
English to Ch and I was translating in Japanese to keiko so I was
looking at her right when she finally felt and understood what they
can do for her.  It was amazing… Her head just sagged down and she
started crying.  It was like a burden just lifted off of her.  She was
so grateful that someone loves her and can help her.  CAN WE JUST

Okay other fun things:
-THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY LOVE.  This birthday was awesome.
Seriously sharing this gospel has become my favorite thing, so I was
way excited to do it on my birthday.  We went over to the Kikuchi
family’s to share a message… Well that never happened because we
walk in and they gathered their WHOLE family (including the 84 year
old great grandma and all the grandkids and random brothers who I’ve
never met but who bought me presents) and made a huge japanese dinner
for me and had decorations up and made two cakes and I felt so much
love from these people.  Investigators throw the best birthday
parties.  Except when you haven’t taught them the word of wisdom yet
and they bring out coffee and tea…
-I was transfixed by a baker making bread and wanted to go watch
through the window so I started making my way over and face planted on
the ground because I was staring at the bread and not the FENCE IN
-less actives who hide behind their door and creepily open it right as
you walk up because they are so excited for you to come over.  This is
the woman who used to not let us in… I literally love less actives
so much.  So much progress has been made!

Okay got to go but I love JAPAN and I am loving my time here.  It is
such a blessing to be able to share what is most important to me every
single day.  Sometimes I’m walking through the crazy busy streets with
people rushing to the train station and little kids running home from
school and the sun is setting and it’s so beautiful and I’m so happy
to be doing what I love that I swear that I will never leave this
place.  This mission is such a blessing!


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