29 Dec 2014 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

Okay the craziest busiest week ever with so many random weird events
and I went on splits 4 times so I have a ton to tell so I’m going to
try to type as fast as I can.  But first THANK YOU for the emails and
cards and Christmas love, which made being away from home actually not
too bad.  So this week…

Monday: my comp was still sick so I went on splits to the English
speaking area and ward: best night ever!  Had a real deal American
Christmas dinner and I almost cried a little out of joy when I walked
into the members house and saw all the Christmas decorations.  The
member invited her japanese neighbors, so I got translate all night.
It was way fun because the japanese neighbors had never eaten ham or
Apple pie before and they were freaking out haha.

Tuesday: stayed in all day with the sick comp.  We left the apartment
once to go to the church and I was so stir crazy I started running up
and down our street haha.

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE!  Our mission is tiny so we were able
to all gather at the mission home and we had a white elephant
exchange, ate, caroled, and listened to some awesome talks from our
mission president and wife and watched meet the Mormons which was WAY
GOOD.  Our whole mission fit into the chapel haha.  It was SOOO fun,
spiritually uplifting and really powerful to have all the missionaries
gathered together.  When we sang, the feeling in the room was awesome.

Thursday: Christmas wooooo!! It was a really, really good day.  My
comp is not down for the whole CHRISTMAS thing so I opened presents by
myself and blasted the Christmas music haha.  Members from our ward
surprised us and delivered food from Costco in the morning.  But the
best part was that we spent all day riding our bikes and walking,
talking to people and giving them Christmas cards and it felt SO GOOD
TO SERVE.  Seriously it was a way different CHRISTMAS but it was such
a fulfilling one.  I don’t even know but I loved it.  But way funny
because all of our conversations went life this:

Me: merry Christmas!
Person: oh, it’s Christmas isn’t it?  I’m on my way to work.
Me: Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?
Person: “……”
Me: we celebrate Christmas because it’s when christ was born.
Person: really?  I didn’t know…

Yeah, so lots of work to be done in Japan.  We taught hiromi san, who
became progressing.  She said that when she met me she opened a door,
and now she is standing and everything new is coming out of the door.
ROOM. Also we were so busy that we skipped dinner to go visit Ki
San and Chi san.  We gave them presents (pictures of Christ and
colored pencils to mark their scriptures). And Kikuchi San just called
us today and told us that she photocopied the picture and blew it up
to a huge size and it is hanging on her wall hahahahahahaha. SHE IS

Friday and Saturday: was on splits both days and travelled all over
our mission to do it.  Was so tired I almost fell asleep while riding
my bike.  But I met SOOO many amazing, prepared people on the train.
I love being a missionary because I get a chance to talk to everyone
and find out who hey are and what they believe and it’s really amazing
how different and special everyone is.

Sunday: Ki and Chi san stayed for all 3 hours of church AND
a lesson after #champions.  Tamagusuku shimai and I taught young
women’s, which gave the ward the opportunity to fellowship Kikuchi and
Chi San, which turned out really well.  It makes a world of a
difference when the ward fellowships our investigators. Kikuchi San
and Chi San both want to get baptized, but Kikuchi San is
apprehensive because she said she doesn’t know 100% if the mormon
church is true or not.  But we taught the atonement yesterday and she
ended up crying and then I started crying and then the member started
crying, so it was a good feel-spirit-and-cry fest.  Praying everyday
that she recognizes her answer.  It’s right in front of her!

Other random stuff:
-when we forget to buy toilet paper on pday so we steal some from the
church all week
-the ward hasn’t seen a baptism FOREVER so they’re getting really
excited about Ki and Chi San which is putting a ton of
stress on me.  Our ward mission leader is telling me to do one thing
and the member who teaches with us is telling me that she doesn’t
think that’s right and my bishop wants me to start teaching the
commandments quicker and half the time I can’t even understand what
they’re saying.  But it’s made me realize how important it is to put
100% of my faith and trust in the lord.  In the end, he has a plan for
them.  He knows his children better than I, or the ward, do.
-next week is New Years which is crazy here!!  We have two meal
appointments EVERY DAY so basically i need to start fasting now to
prepare myself.

Okay sorry this is so long LOVE YOU ALL and I am so grateful for
Christ and this Christmas season.


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