16 Feb 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!


It was such a good and fast wee- can’t believe transfers are next week. I won’t be emailing until Tuesday FYI!


Some highlights:

-So Fe Shimai in our ward always shows up to activities with brownies, which always floors me because you CANNOT find brownies in Japan. We finally got her to draw us out a little map to the ship where she gets her brownie mix… it is a wine store HAHAHA but the best part is they have a little international section with fresh and natural stuff so it was the best find of my mission yet. And I was like WHERE HAVE I BEEN FOR THESE PAST 7 MONTHS IN SAIJO?!? So we made brownies in a takoyaki maker since we don’t have an oven (pic attached)


-Last Sunday and Monday were the worst days of my life. I am scarred from them. I think it was like 25 degrees… but you see the humidity and the wind makes it really really really bad. Saijo’s a basin so we get all the wind. Anyway we have to plan out which gas stations to stop at and rub blood back into our fingers and toes. And I haven’t taken my own helmet off for a week. Sister Sanford has to do it for me because I can’t unlatch it with my fingers.


– I finished lesson mastery!!! In our mission we have “Lesson Mastery” which is a really big deal. As a missionary we have 5 lessons we teach. We have to, individually, pass of a 5 min. and 15 min. version of each lesson in Japanese to senior companion and 30 min. version to DL, ZL, ward mission leader and ward member. Boyden and Takayama choro got to Saijo 6 weeks after me and are in the same situation as me… have both sent 2 companions home so the 3 of us are like the Saijo musketeers. Well anyway they called me on Monday night and said that I needed to finish lesson mastery by Thursday so that I could be recognized in Fukuoka with them (they had just finished). So thank goodness the ZL came down to Saijo and I was able to finish and we got recognized together.


– Whiting Conference! Elder Whiting and his wife came to our mission for mission tour… poor guys have to do 3 different conferences and get on a plane to go to Okinawa. Anyway it was seriously the best day of my life. I have never been so spiritually fed and it was just so inspiring and moving. Sister Sanford and I immediately returned home and made goals, etc. I wish a sister mission was 2 years. It’s scary that I hit my half-way point in 12 days… I am not anywhere close to the missionary I need to be. I don’t want to waste a second of this precious time I have to be set apart as a servant of the Lord.


-I have plain yogurt every morning for breakfast and I accidentally mixed salt into it instead of sugar


-All of our investigators are way close to baptism/their baptismal dates and we happen to be on  the same schedule for all of them… which means we taught the same exact lesson (10 commandments and chastitiy) back- to- back


-People give us stuff all the time when we knock on their houses… anything from hand warmers to a bag of chocolates to really cool art and Japanese gifts. So lucky to serve in the kind country!


Our investigators are all doing well. So we actually we able to get it all planned out so that Ak chan will get baptized this Sunday the 22nd. It was pretty tight though… she is 100% ready spiritually, we just need to finish teaching Lesson 5 (all the after-baptism stuff we now have to do before baptism). But then yesterday the AP’s called and said Kaicho doesn’t want Sunday baptisms in Saijo because it’s too much time without the gift of the holy ghost. So we gave Aka-chan a choice between the 21st and meeting almost every night this week and the 28th with a more relaxed schedule. She chose the 28th which I feel best about too. Transfers is on the 26th and I don’t really know what is going to happen but really it doesn’t matter at all because she is awesome and will still be baptized regardless of who is here.


Anyway that is just about it. Love you all and thanks for everything! Anna




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