16 Feb 2016 / Erin Letter

Okay every single day this week was FILLED WITH MIRACLES.  I’m
actually kind of confused because I’m like, Heavenly Father I’m not
that good of a person… I don’t deserve being blessed this much!  But
hey, I’m going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts!

So, let’s start with the people:

KE AND CH:  literally the best people ever.  They have become
our best friends… We told Ke that we go running every other
morning and then the next day we are woken up at 6:15AM by her phone
call telling us that she’s waiting in front of the church to start our
run hahahaha.  But the lesson we had with Kei san this past week was
amazing… I don’t know how, but whenever we teach her, it is 100% by
the spirit and so powerful.  Literally I am talking and what I’m
saying just clicks with her and she starts sobbing and the spirit is
so strong… And I have no clue how I thought of that example or
experience or even how I explained it… I know there is no way I
could have even thought to say that.  Totally the spirit teaching.
She is the definition of Mosiah 3:19… When we teach her she is like
a child in that she accepts everything we say and loves it and is so
humble and willing.  She told us that right before she met us she was
going crazy in her mind wondering why she is here and why she was
meant to be alive at this time, etc.  she said that if we wouldn’t
have come, her mind would be broken and so would she.

KI FAMILY:  PRAYERS ANSWERED 100x… We went over to teach them
this week and I was so nervous that we stopped and prayed 4 times
between the time we left our apartment door and knocked on theirs.
And they actually let us in but then I got more nervous because we
were planning to teach the word of wisdom but right before our member
couldn’t come and they brought out coffee for everyone and Emiko san
had to go out and smoke because she can’t make it through a lesson
without one.  And I was just like… I am a 20 year old from America
and I’m about to tell these people, who both have a tobacco addiction
and drink everything, that they can’t do it anymore for the rest of
their lives.  And then Em San starts asking about burnt offerings
and sacrifices and that japanese vocab is just a tiny bit above the
average level.  BUT IT WENT SO WELL.  Like I still don’t know how it
happened, but by the end of the lesson Emiko and Chinatsu totally got
the word of wisdom, totally WANT to keep it, and trust God enough to
try.  We made an “after tobacco” vision with them and set goals for
how much they are going to smoke this week.  MIRACLES.

Okay no time but so many other amazing things, both big and small,
filled our week.  But to go fast:  We got to sing a hymn three times
this week when we met random people on the streets, I ran into a taxi
on my bike, there were so many lessons that we walked out of this week
and said “wait for it…” And as soon as the person shut the door we
couldn’t stop smiling and chatting about it, biked up so many hills we
almost died, we asked a member what was worrying her and she poured
out her heart to us and it was amazing, old grandmas won’t stop giving
us cough drops on the streets (so sketchy), housed with a 10 year old
in our ward, taught a deaf women and our member present was also deaf
(funniest lesson ever), had people actually show up for their church
tours and we got to teach them the restoration in the chapel, having a
sisters training with all of the sister missionaries in our mission
and getting to work out with everyone, 4 people come to church, really
amazing weather, giving up chocolate because the ki are giving
up tobacco, and having to time for dinner.  The good life.

So basically I’m loving life right now!  Transfers are next week but
I’m so hoping we stay together.  This week I was so grateful… And
thought about how in the worst of times and the best of times, being a
missionary is the greatest gift.  If I would have known before my
mission what I would receive from this experience, there’s nothing I
wouldn’t do to become a missionary.  I would give anything for it.

Next week elder Ballard is coming and we are all going to the OTHER
MISSION (Tokyo) to see him so I don’t know when pday will be, but
probably Tuesday!


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