02 Mar 2015 / Anna Letter



A fun, crazy week:


-So last Tuesday Sanford Shimai and I are just sitting back and emailing when Kiribayashi Shimai calls… she says that she and her husband want to come and joint for Watanabe san’s lesson… and they want to take us out for dinner before. So last minute Sister Sanford and I decide to switch Watanabe-san’s lesson to tithing, because we have a way good joint, and that kicks off the craziest p-day ever of us throwing all our free time out the window to try and plan for and mogi for the lesson. We were super nervous because Wa-san is a DOCTOR and we are asking her to pay TITHING. I kept on thinking “is her faith really strong enough?!?” All this on top of waiting for transfer calls and going to teach No-san, known tobacco-addict, the word of wisdom. So needless to say I was having trouble breathing but it turned out awesome. The kiribayashi’s were amazing and Wa-san committed to the law of tithing! We are going to meet her today and again tomorrow and then 1 more time and she will be ready to be batized on the 21st! The only thing is she is going  on vacation with her kids to Hawaii on Wednesday for 9 days… so we are a little bit worried about that BUT miracle of all miracles she is going to meet up with 2 friends in Hawaii… who are both members!!


– Thursday was transfer day. Haha I’ve spent so many transfer days just chillin’ in Saijo and imagining missionaries running around train station’s all over the mission. We got 3 new elders… they are all from Utah which means in our district of 8 missionaries I am the only one not from Utah haha. They are awesome but I miss the old Elders!


– Saturday was Ak’s baptism!! Yay!!! It was seriously the best day ever. There was such a light, happy feeling… I think it was because I was less stressed because it wasn’t my first baptism. Anyway it was amazing and we sang Joy to the World for the opening hymn.. she picked it because it is her favorite hymn. She has no idea it is a Christmas hymn and we weren’t about to tell her haha. She bore her testimony and it was way good. A little funny part about the day…. we were supposed to meet them at the train station at 12:20 and take the 12:33 train into Hiroshima. Well we thought it was weird that we got there first because they are always SO early. Well our stomachs start filling with dread as the time passes and they don’t show… they don’t have a phone so we are way worried. 12:35 and we call the Lambs and ask them to drive 20 min away to Akane’s house and then cal the ZL’s to tell them we might not have a baptism. Seriously it was the worst thing ever… missionary’s nightmare! Well they finally showed up, running and out of breath. They had mission their bus!


That night Elder Tashiro came to do a fireside. He is the General Authority that was supposed to come on Sunday but his schedule changed and he just came on Saturday instead. Turns out he didn’t have an assignment but just wanted to see Saijo… it was a very spiritual fireside and he was amazing… interacted with everyone, etc. It was a little funny because the 10 or so people who showed up were all recent converts of a year or so and really had not idea who this man was… but nonetheless it was great.


Also I gave up chocolate on Tuesday for No-san who is giving up tobacco! It is so rough so wish me luck.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0031


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