02 Mar 2015 / Erin Letter

Sorry I went to the temple again so this is going to be  short!

THE NEW COMPANION:  She’s way sassy and loud and it’s been really fun.
We were talking to someone on the street yesterday and she looks at me
and I just start cracking up and can’t stop laughing. That’s happened
like five times… But it’s fun because we work way hard but she’s

THE INVESTIGATORS: we had a way awesome lesson with Ch and Ke
where we taught the plan of salvation and talked a ton about baptism.
They have been SO prepared.  It’s been so amazing to hear about their
lives because I can see so clearly how they have been prepared through
people and experiences to receive the gospel right now.  Also every
single time we go over there they give us juice and it’s been
different everytime.  Grape, Apple, mango, pineapple, etc.  I pointed
it out to ke san a few weeks ago and when we visited this week she
gave us water because she said she ran out of flavors hahahaha.
The ki’s… we randomly visited last night just by ourselves and
ended up teaching the law of tithing.  There was a point in the lesson
when they said that they feel kind of betrayed that we didn’t tell
them about it earlier, there’s absolutely no way they can pay it
because they are already borrowing money from a friend, they listed
out all the bills they have to pay each month, and said that they
don’t trust that 10% is it… They are scared the church is going to
take more after they are baptized. And they were just staring a me and
I almost just gave up because I didn’t know what I could do.  But one
thing I’ve learned through this is that we can’t force people.  It’s
cool because the past week I haven’t been stressed about this because
I’ve made peace with the fact that it’s up to them and God, and I’ve
done everything I could.  So I testified and told them that God loves
them and we love them and I will love them no matter what they choose.
So we are going back on Friday and they are deciding by then to do it
or not… The word of wisdom, law of tithing, baptism… or not.  It
was cool though because at the end of the lesson after we testified
there was a huge spirit of peace.

Found a way cool lady housing yesterday and taught the restoration to
her in 15 minutes standing outside her fence, we had a big pizza party
at the church for the Ki’s so they could build relationships with
the members and it turned out super fun, visiting members and they
surprise us with lunch after we’ve eaten a big lunch already so we
almost die, we brought two Indians to church yesterday, we met some
amazing prepared people on ye streets… One was a 40 year old lady
who took lessons when she was 9.  She lost all contact with church
until a few days ago but still remembered “love at home” by heart and
sang it to us.

Okay love you all!


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