23 Feb 2015 / Anna Letter



Transfer call day! Except no call yet… I’ll get on later today to send a quick email out but it looks like I’ll probably be staying in Saijo for my 6th transfer… which will be almost 9 months! It is crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is seriously a land of miracles. Saddest news is that Elder Takayama is leaving… 😦 He and Elder Boyden and I had grand plans of transferring out together next transfer but he eat us to the punch.


Well this week was way good! And warm too 🙂 I think I have officially survived my only winter as a missionary thank goodness.


Ak chan passed her interview and is all set to be baptized on Saturday! We are all so excited for her. So big miracle is that she is in like a home-making club at school and they all drink tea together. So after we taught her the Word of Wisdom she went to school and told her teacher that she couldn’t drink tea anymore. Well it turned into a little missionary opportunity and Ak ended up telling her teacher what church she is being baptized into, etc.!


Speaking of the Word of Wisdom… we taught it to Watanabe-san and she committed to following it! We had a way awesome lesson with Kiribayashi shimai. From the beginning (first lesson) Wa-san had told us that she knew about the Word of Wisdom and wasn’t planning on giving up coffee. But her faith has built and she even said that as a doctor, in the break room, all they offer is coffee and tea but she will start bringing her own stuff in.


No-san will hear the Word of Wisdom from us today… a little worried because she smokes tobacco but I think she’ll be fine.


Yo-san is a little bit of a worry because of her family situation. We are trying though.


Well yup that is about it. We are busy and when we are not busy we just spend all our time freaking out about how our 4 investigators are all going to get baptized soon and then we will have absolutely no investigators haha.


Love you



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