23 Feb 2015 / Erin

My companion is leaving me! After only 6 weeks! I’m SOOO sad because
this past transfer was so fun and we got so much done.  Hart SHIMAI is
on her seventh transfer but she said that she’s seen more miracles
this transfer than the rest of her 6 transfers combined… it’s so
true!  I’m so grateful that I was able to serve here with her.

Went to the temple today (and got to see and eat lunch with grandma
and grandpa: heaven!!) so I don’t  have much time… Sorry this will
be short!  But this week was kind of stressful with investigators…
The ki’s aren’t contacting us… They won’t answer phone calls,
FACEBOOK messages or emails.  So we spend 45 minutes biking one way to
their house and then are heart broken when they aren’t home.  We
haven’t been able to teach them and it’s completely stalled their
progress.  It’s sad because for some reason they’ve put this church
and lessons down on their list of priorities.  They finally answered
the phone yesterday and were super vague and said they’ve been busy.
And they’re not keeping the word of wisdom anymore and want to “talk
about baptism.”  And then we found out that they’ve been searching
online about our church and have read stuff that’s not true.  So PRAY
FOR THEM!!!  We are stopping by tonight with a member, sick to my
stomach but I’m praying that it turns out well.

Ke san came to church for the first time!!! All dressed up in her
best dress and heels!!  After church she said that she prefers lessons
from us buuuut we finally got her to meet members and now hopefully we
can bring them to teach with us.

Had the huge cookie making activity I’ve been planning!  There are now
12 women in Japan who are experts at making snickerdoodles and
chocolate peanut butter cookies hahaha.  It turned out really well…
eikaiwa <English conversation class> students, members and less actives came… And the members
brought their friends!! We split into teams and made it a competition
and had a fun game while the cookies were baking.

We taught KO san, our deaf investigator.  Our member who comes is
also deaf… So the member reads our lips and then signs to the
investigator.  It’s the coolest thing ever to watch,  and it’s good
because hart shimai and I can just talk about how the lesson is going
and what we think and they have no clue hahaha.  It was actually way
powerful to see Ko san pray for the first time in sign language.
Our member had to teach her how to sign “Jesus Christ.”  And I thought
of the scripture in D&C that says the gospel shall be taught to every
man in his own language.

Okay got to go but love you all!!! Sorry I feel like this is kind of
boring!   I’m nervous about the change this week, stressed about
investigators, but loving every minute of this life.  It’s so amazing.


US!! Got to sit on the fourth row and it was amaaaaaaaazing.  Learned
soooo much… He is the best missionary ever.  A master teacher.
Super awesome

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