06 April 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!!

Big news… I am going to be training a brand new missionary and we are going to go to Okinawa together to open up the Naha East area!!! I am so, so, so excited to go down!!! My trainer, shout-out to Burgon, spent most of her mission there so I feel like I know at least a little bit. But seriously pray for me that I will make it through the heat and humidity. Sanford Shimai and I would be biking in a snow storm and she would just look at me and say “you’re going to get an Okinawa summer and Saijo winter”… yup, it happened! The most northern area for sisters and the most southern area for sisters.

Anyway, I am a mess. My heart if breaking that I have to leave this area. I want to stay forever just because we are SO CLOSE to being a branch. I can feel it. I had to say good-bye to sweet Na shimai and Ak-chan last night and it was the worst thing ever. Anyway, I just want to come back in a couple years on a Sunday and just quietly walk in late and sit in the back and observe… hopefully by that point we will be meeting in a bigger room or even a building. And I just want to watch the people and the change and laugh at how all of the missionaries had to struggle in broken Japanese to teach classes every week and how we had to train others in callings and smile when I see how much the members have changed. I can already imagine it.

Well this was the busiest week of my life! So sad I can’t go into details but…

Monday: We went to Miyajima as a zone!!!! It was so fun and the SAKURA was AMAZING! So fun to run around the temples again and just enjoy Japan.

Tuesday: We had Nakayama shimai and Akane-chan and Takeda-shimai and Nomura-shimai over to the Lamb’s apartment and created online accounts for them on familysearch.org and then started putting their family names in… it was so, so, so powerful. The spirit of Elijah was so strong in the room and Sister Lamb just sat there and wept. For example, Nomura-shimai’s younger brother and only sibling passed away when they were in their 20’s. Well I know for sure that he was the one who led us to her. And then she put his name in the computer and printed it out to take to the temple…. years and years of waiting and work and it is finally happening! So beautiful. Then our eikaiwa student had us over and then dressed us up on kimono’s!

Wednesday: The Sister Training Leader’s came for splits! It was way fun and we killed it. They came all the way from Ube.

Sunday: Such a special easter Sunday! And my 9th fast and testimony meeting in Saijo hahahah. Well the college students have moved to Saijo to start at Hiroshima University… they are all way strong members and returned missionaries and they all bore their testimonies and it was amazing. The first time I felt that Saijo could really be an independent unit.

Monday: Fukuoka for trainer’s meeting! Got to go down on the shinkansen.

Our investigators are doing way good. Watanabe-san (doctor, way smart mom) made another baptismal date for April 19. She is SOOOO ready. So, so, so ready. She’s just stopping herself. She said she’s scared to make such a big commitment… mainly because she was divorced so she doesn’t want to quit on baptism like she quit on her divorce. Pray for her!

We made a baptismal date with sweet 20-year old Yumi (the one in the musical). May 30th! She is SO ready and way prepared.

Ok anyway I love you all and will be emailing you next week with lots of exciting news!



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