06 April 2015 / Erin Letter

SO MUCH a happened this week so I’m going to write super fast.  But
first, we got our transfer emails this morning and … Cook SHIMAI is
leaving me!  I’m soooooo happy I’m staying in Yamato.  It’s rare to be
in one area for so long!  But I’m so sad cook shimai is leaving… I
keep going through companions fast.  And this last transfer I’ve never
laughed so hard or had so much fun on my mission.  So sad that they’re
splitting us up… We just got our housing rap down.  But I’m going to
be a trainer this transfer… I’ll pick up my new companion from the
mission home on Thursday!  I’m way excited but way nervous because I
have no clue who I’ll get!

Second: THE SAKURA BLOSSOMS ARE THE BOMB.  It was like we were in a
movie this week, walking and riding under tunnels of pink flowers.  We
literally just walked back and forth under the flowers and were like
“it’s our first time seeing cherry blossoms!” and a million people
would talk to us haha.  A member took us out of our area last pday and
we got to go see a river that went down for miles with a million
SAKURA trees lining it.  Memories I’ll never forget!

But on to the missionary work and investigators…
1. It was Ch’s birthday and all of the Yamato missionaries went
over and surprised him.  I made brownies and we sang I am a child of
God and he and KEIKO started crying… Said it was the best birthday
he’s ever had.  We got to teach Ke the next day and we chose to
teach about sin and weaknesses… She’s having a big problem with
honking she’s not worthy to come to church because all the members are
perfect.  But it went awesome and she came to church again!!!  And the
members were amazing and basically ran up to her and stuck by her side
until she left.

2. We taught our less active and she said she doesn’t want to be
resurrected because she doesn’t want the same ugly face hahaha.

3.  Was humbled and learned a lesson about always listening to my
companion because she’s probably being prompted by the spirit.  We
fasted for the KI family on Wednesday and saw so many miracles I
was like LET’S FAST EVERYDAY.  Except then we ate food and decided we
like to eat.  But so amazing when you knock on a door to a complete
stranger and 5 minutes later they agree to have you back and are
willing to learn about Jesus Christ and how He can help them.  The
power of the spirit is so real.

4. We had lunch with Ka San, the lady who we found who loves Bruno
Mars.  Every time we go over she gives me nattou to take home.  And
she always makes sure we come on Thursdays because she buys fresh tofu
from the tofu truck for us on Wednesdays.

5. We had an awesome lesson with the ki family and the bishop’s
wife.  We’re going back to the basics with them because they still
aren’t super solid on Joseph smith.  They want to believe it but can’t
recognize the answer.  But they got a priesthood blessing from our WML
to help them keep the word of wisdom and it was one of the best
experiences on my mission.

Okay literally a million other things but I have no time!!  We spent
30 minutes looking for a cat in the dark, switched our food and plates
at dinner appointments when no ones looking, had our less active teach
US the plan of salvation and it was SO AMAZING, had egg hunts with the
ward and eikaiwa students, talked to a million people, and biked a
million miles.

I’m so grateful for Christ, especially this week.  Because he was
resurrected we NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE that blows my mind.  Today we
taught Matsuda San and at the end I was testifying and I kept saying
“I know____” and she kept asking how I knew… She thought it was
crazy that a 20 year old could know without any doubts.  But I know it
with my whole heart and I love it!

Okay bye!  I’ll let know know how I’m surviving next week!


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