09 Mar 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

Sorry, not a ton of time today but I will try my best…

N san is going to get baptized on Saturday!! She is sooooo ready. She asked for a hymnbook and made copies of her favorite songs and is trying to learn how to play them on her tenor saxophone haha. We just pretended like that is the most normal thing in the world. Only worry is her tobacco addiction… she sat down 10 days ago and smoked the rest of her cigarrettes in one sitting… 17 of them in a row!!! She hasn’t touched them since though. Anyway she is seriously a gem. So T shimai got baptized in October (Flake’s baptism like a week before we became companions) and we had her joint for every single one of Na shimai’s appointments. And then we had her joint for every single one of No’s appointments (twice a wek). Which means that this morning we were biking to the church for an appointment and ran into Ta, No, Na and Ak on the street. They were all going to karaoke together. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it is the best.

Biggest miracle of the week… Yo-san got her husband and son to come to the church on Sunday so that we could all meet together with our ward mission leader. Yo-san has only ever met us 2 missionaries and a member that we always have joint )member is from kure…pretty far away and another branch) so she was pretty overwhelmed when she walked into the church and saw so many people. Well anyway we were all fasting for her husband’s heart tobe softened… he is a hard guy. It is sad because you can tell he probably abuses her. He walked in and just started complaining about having to come out to a church on his one day off, etc. But anyway he finally gave perission!!! Which means she can start coming to church and then be baptized! We have already finished all the lesson and she is keeping all the commandments. Our ward mission leader told me to make sure she gets baptized before i leave haha.

Other than that we have spent all day trying to find new investigators…. we have seen mircles! One lady invited us back on Sunday. On Friday night Sister Sanford had a dream that we would go over and be fasting and that she would offer us tea and choclate… I can’t eat chocolate anyway because I am fasting from it. Well we go over and that exact same thing happened. Hahaha it was crazy. Anyway her name is Ito and she is amassage therapist and asked us why ther are so many religions and where we came from before we were born. We just looked at her and were like…. can we come back like 3 more times next week?!?! She said yes.

Ok I loveyou all! Have an amzing week!

Sorry thiskeyboard is awful.









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