09 Mar 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone! Good news that it is getting warm!! The weather was AMAZING earlier this week and it’s crazy what an affect it has.  We were dying to get out and talk to as many people as possible.  Sooo excited for spring!! So we had an amazing lesson this week with Ch and Ke san and they are praying about being baptized on April 4th!!  They are SO READY and I am SOOO happy for them.  We taught baptism and the spirit was so strong.  It is amazing and humbling experience to have the spirit speak through you.  And it is even more amazing to have the spirit work through you and your companion so somehow you teach and say exactly what they need.  Ke san said her image of after baptism is pure and sparkly.  Sounds about right :). Haha but it was way cute because she had so many questions.  She thought that you go in the water by yourself and just lower down into it.  And she asked how long she has to be under the water and was way surprised that it can be in the morning of afternoon or evening.  Love her!  Also she is the best because she makes us bento meals and gives it to us as a “surprise” after EVERY LESSON.  And she went to cooking school so it’s delicious!! She feels so bad because she says that our stomachs are probably empty after talking for an hour haha. We’re still struggling with the ki’s.  But we are fasting and praying and trying to recognize god’s will. Had a lesson with a 17 year old recent convert who is less active. She actually wants to go on a mission but says that’s she’s scared because there’s a lot she can’t do.  And that stuck with me so much and made me think so much.  I’ve actually been studying about it and I’ve become amazed at the savior’s grace and atoning power.  Loved reading the widow’s mite, 2 Corinthians 8:12 and D&C 64:34. This week was way rough with finding… It’s been waaaaay hard.  Cook shimai and I have been trying so hard to follow the spirit and so basically we pray every 5 seconds.  But it’s discouraging because it’s like we think we feel something so we go there and it turns out to be the opposite direction.  The days are really long when no one will listen and plans so don’t work and you don’t know where to go or what to do. But we’ll keep going… Hoping to see some miracles this week! Other random stuff: -our Indian investigators own an Indo curry shop.  They bring us food at our lessons.  BEST INVESTIGATOR EVER AWARD.  I am converted to samosas. -a member made us fruit curry… It had grapes, apples, and mango. -cook shimai and I started a thing where we have to drop down and do 5 push ups everytime we say something bad about someone… It’s been way funny and actually way effective. Love you all!! Erin



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