16 Mar 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

This week was way good… just when we thought we had conquered winter it snowed on Tuesday… but then warmed up by the end of the week and is spring-ish! It’s crazy how much the weather affects your mood. I’m like a giggly high schooler or something when we get to be out in the sun all day.

So basically I’m just going to talk about Saturday because it was the craziest, busiest day ever…

-First the Hikari Ward ladies threw a relief society activity for Saijo. Those ladies are so sweet… they pour so much time in effort into Saijo. Anyway we just thought it was going to be a “sit down and listen” kind of thing, but we showed up and all of the sudden they are putting bonnets on our heads and telling us to memorize lines. Hahaha we did a skit of when relief society was founded and it was HILARIOUS to see it done in Japanese.

-So Sister Sanford and I had to leave early to go into Hiroshima because Hiroshima was having a mission prep activity for all the youth and they needed sister missionaries to go out and dendo with the young women. Anyway I went with this cute 20 year old who is actually reporting to the MTC in 3 weeks to go to the Sendai mission. It was so fun and she is already an amazing missionary.

-Right when that ended we started No’s baptism!! Another scare… the elder’s train got stuck on the tracks for almost an hour… we were sweating it because Elder Boyden was supposed to baptize her and Elder Hoskins was giving a talk, etc. We just started the program without them and then listened to music for a while and they showed up just 15 minutes late. Anyway it was a beautiful service… No shimai went up and bore her testimony about her conversion. She told about how we challenged her to pray to know if what we were teaching was true. So she prayed and that night she had a dream… a man approached her and she asked him, “Does God exist?” and he said “Not to you right now, but trust the missionaries’ words” and then our faces appeared in the dream. And so after that she got really serious and now she knows herself that God exists. Well I thought it was like the best most hilarious thing ever and I was dying up on the stage. But it was actually way powerful and lots of people actually started crying and stuff. She is way amazing… she was confirmed yesterday and in her blessing it said that she was baptized to help the work in Saijo and help Saijo become a strong branch.

– Then we ran back to Hiroshima…(literally running everywhere all day to make trains, etc.) for eikaiwa and then for a takoyaki party for our cute investigator, Yu. She just turned 20. It was way fun and we partied hard all the way until 9pm.

Anyway that was it! Love you all!


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