16 Mar 2015 / Erin Letter

… With our investigators.  I don’t know what it is but this week I’ve seen satan stop our four investigators with plans to get baptized.  It’s heart breaking to watch their fear take their faith… They’re so close!  The ki’s and Ch and ke are all having issues now because they are learning about commandments and don’t want to sacrifice.  None of them will meet with us now for lessons because they don’t want to learn now that they have to give.  It’s crazy how fast their super strong faith crumbled.  But we are praying like crazy for them.  It’s almost killing us… Last night we called our ward mission leader and begged for help haha.  I was so stressed that I kept accidentally speaking in English. BUT.  It’s okay because heavenly father’s helping us by giving us miracles for days too.  New people!  Yay!  I told cook Shimai that we just need to teach the commandments first and get it over with haha. THE GOOD: -remember that cookie activity we did?  The 2 non members who showed up are now investigators!!! Whaaaat blessings.  We are going to be throwing cooking classes every month now.  Anyways Matsuda san is one of them… We taught her twice last week and have a lesson today. Both times we taught God and prayer for 1 1/2 hours each.  It’s crazy how some people here have absolutely no concept of God.  And they just can’t get it.  But it was so cool to see her finally light up at the end of the last lesson getting that God loves her and can help her and has helped her her whole life.  It’s so special hearing people pray for the first time.  I literally get so excited and just want to be like YOU ARE TALKING TO YOUR FATHER.  HE IS LISTENING TO YOU RIGHT NOW AND HE LOVES YOU.  I love it.  Like seriously so amazing.  Okay sorry I’m freaking out about it again. -we housed own apartment apartment building which turned out to be the best idea ever because we have an appointment with our next door neighbor tomorrow. -found a lady housing and taught her the restoration.  She didn’t get any of it, said it was way too hard, couldn’t read the pamphlets or the book or mormon because the print is too small, said she doesn’t really have interest.  BUT she said we can come back and teach her and she’ll keep the Book of Mormon on her table.  YES. -had the spirit work through us so strong!  We were walking downtown on a super busy street.  I glance to the opposite side and see a lady in a pink jacket.  We pass her but I keep feeling like we need to speak with her.  So we stop, have to illegally run across the crazy intersections and get to her before we lost sight of her.  Turns out she’s the sister or a super less active who won’t contact us.  And she totally wants to come to church and learn more and will come on Sunday! -had THREE PEOPLE RANDOMLY WALK IN CHURCH YESTERDAY because they are going through a hard time and saw a church and thought it would help them.  We got to teach them all and they’re all coming back next week. Still can’t believe it. Okay LOVE YOU ALL!  I’m loving my comp and my area and this work.  And JAPAN.  I’ve got 9 months left but I’m already freaking out at the thought of leaving someday.
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