23 Mar 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

A way fun week! Spring is totally here– as evidenced by us walking around all day in our dripping wet rain suits. It’s like we are monsters or something because people will literally run away from us. Not very effective dendo but there’s not much to be done about that. But it’s so, so, so beautiful out. It’s amazing to me that when I got here in August the fields were full and green, and after a long and gray winter I’m seeing the same farmers start to turn over the soil and green is peaking out again all over. It’s crazy how much it affects our mood. Anyway, here’s what went on this week:

Monday: Sanford Shimai and I threw a big Family Home Evening for the Wa’s and invited our favorite families in the ward, community, etc. We did a fun faith lesson where we hid chocolate in a cheese box and called one of the kids up and asked him if he believed us when we said there was chocolate in the box, etc. It ended with all of us playing around the world ping-pong. Definitely a successful night! As for Wa-san, she did not get baptized yesterday as planned. Turns out we weren’t freaking out for no reason, but it was for the wrong reason… her Mom got cancer last week and is probably going to pass away soon. So, because she is so overwhelmed, etc. Wa-san canceled her baptism just 6 days before. It’s sad to see and we don’t really know where to go from here… she’s keeping all the commandments, and really needs the Holy Ghost in her life, etc.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference in Hiroshima! And then Elder Nelson came to Fukuoka so our whole mission gathered together in Fukuoka on Saturday for training on getting iPads. Even the island missionaries participated with a live video feed. Because the training started so early on Saturday morning all of the Hiroshima missionaries took a bus down on Friday… a FIVE HOUR bus ride. It was so fun to stay over in the Fukuoka Sister’s apartment though and to hang out with other girls.

Anyway all of the missionaries got to go up and shake Elder Nelson’s hand. And then his bodyguard leans over and says “do you have a sister in Tokyo? We were there on Wednesday and you look just like someone….” haha I told him he was a really good bodyguard.

The training was way amazing. They talked a lot about how missions are different now…. there won’t need to be any “adjusting” after we are released as missionaries… we will be holding and dealing with temptation and worldly tools just as we will after our missions… and now is the time to learn how to use them to our and other’s benefit. Anyway I really liked that idea… that a mission is the time to best learn how to endure to the end, and you just continue that for the rest of your life. Even down to waking up early, exercising, not spending too much time on the screen, service, etc. They talked about how too many missionaries go inactive now because they get home and after 2 years of not having technology, etc. can’t handle it and go overboard once they get home.

All the other missionaries had to go home on bus but Sister Sanford and I and the Lamb couple got to take the shinkansen home! haha our investigator had a performance on Saturday night. She is our ward mission leader’s referral and he thought it was really important that we be there so he called the AP’s and had them buy us shink tickets. SO SICK. Anyway it was a crazy day but a fun day.

I love being a missionary! Yesterday we talked to lots of people and really got to testify from the heart… to a 90 year old WW2 veteran, to a lady whose husband had just passed away, etc. We annihilated this neighborhood, and this old man saw us walking around and knocking on houses for 3 hours straight and kept on apologizing for being Buddhist, etc. It was hilarious.

Anyway love you all! Have a good week!

IMG_0183IMG_0179IMG_0167IMG_0173  IMG_0192


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