23 Mar 2015 / Erin Letter

EVERYONE winter is officially over and I didn’t wear tights for the
first time since November and that is the greatest miracle of all.
Seriously the weather makes such a difference… It’s been warm and
sunny and I can’t stop smiling.  So grateful!!

So this week was so busy with random stuff… We had a huge conference
combined with the tokyo mission with Elder Nelson.  And then the next
day we had zone conference all day and then we had weekly planning and
district meeting the day after that and So basically I was dying to
get outside and dendo.  But the conferences were so amazing!!.  Elder
Nelson is amazing… He was so lively and while he was talking to us I
was just like, he is a true apostle of the Lord!!! Seriously the way
he stood and spoke and smiled all testified of Christ. We sang the
closing hymn “God be with you till we meet again” and I started
crying.  It was so powerful… The voices of 500 missionaries made me
feel so blessed to be part of this work.  It’s seriously a privilege
to serve alongside Him.  But a cool point about the conference (which
was about iPads and technology) is that they are giving us these tools
to help not the investigators, but US.  It’s for us to learn how to
master technology for the rest of our lives… They’re not taking us
out of the world, but teaching us how to be a disciple in it.  So

Anyways, this week.  Got to teach Ma san a few times!!!  She is
slowly but surely progressing.  But she has a really, really hard time
understanding anything gospel related.  We taught her prayer for an
hour last week… For the third time.  She doesn’t get what you pray
for, it’s a complete foreign concept for her.  But she has such a huge
desire to learn.  It’s so cool because she came to Eikaiwa for the
first time two months ago… And I invited her to learn and that’s how
she became and investigator.  But the cool part is that she received
the EIKAIWA flyer 5 years ago and had kept it ever since and finally
just came.  I haven’t stopped thinking about the missionaries who gave
her the flyer.  I wish so badly I could thank them and show them what
they’ve done… The seed they’ve planted that’s now growing.  I give
out hundreds of those flyers a week and get discouraged because I feel
like it’s useless.  But it’s not!!

Ke and CHA are back on track!! So grateful.  Still have
struggles (coming to church) but we’re getting there.  Cha is WAY
in tune with the spirit.  He said he just looks at the Book of Mormon
and gets shivers because he knows it’s true.  During one of our
lessons this past week we ended up all crying together hahaha I love
the spirit.

Got to meet with the ki’s.  Went in just to chat and show love but
ended up having a powerful lesson and they’ve committed to acting and
keeping commitments.  Its a long road but we’re going to have patience
and love and keep the door open for them always.

So it was a good week!  Got to teach many people the restoration… I
think I said the first vision like 8 times!!  I love this work.
Seriously this past week I have been thinking about what a blessing it
is to be a missionary.  It’s like an opportunity to become the best
person you can be, and to feel the most joy you’ve ever felt, and to
learn what to do to feel that joy for the rest of your life.

Sorry I have nothing funny or interesting… I forget it all!


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