30 Mar 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

I apologize for this email in advance… I:m using the way old keyboard at the community center so things are going to be a little weird.

We had a way good week! The flowers are beautiful! Although it did snow on Tuesday. But then after that it warmed up and I even got sunburnt after we had a sports activity on Saturday!

Nomura shimai is doing so good! She jointed for the first time for us this past week and gave a talk at church on Sunday. Speaking of, last week we had a building inspector come to church and evaluate whether or not we need to move up to the 5th floor or not..Usually we have YW and YM and Presithood and Primary in the same tiny room with dividers and it is so loud. Well of course last Sunday was graduation so NOBODY was at church… my first week without primary, etc. So sad but hopefully things will change soon. Next week we have 5 college students moving into the ward (group) because they are starting at Hiroshima University. So excited! Even some RM`s, etc. Hopefully after that we can be a branch! Sister Sanford said something really interesting yesterday… most people at church have not ever been to church without me being there… I have been able to see almost the whole group get baptized. It is such a miracle to see the church grow like this.

Also we are getting ready for a big temple trip on April 18th!!! We have a group of 15 going from Saijo! We rented a bus and are going to leave at 4 am on Saturday and probably get back at 10 pm. So me and sister sanford and all the missionaries have been focusing on preparing and teaching our recent converts on family history, etc. We take them to the Lamb:s apartment so that they can get online and look up family names, etc. It is AMAZING. Yesterday Brother Hayashi and Yamashita (baptized Oct and Nov of last year) went to the Lamb:s and printed of their father:s names. Takeda will be baptized for her Mom. I cannot wait to be in the room and watch them be baptized for their own parents. It is going to be amazing.

I decided to read the BOM in Japanese in 6 months! April 1 to October 1… 4 pages a day. Wish me luck! Join in if you want to!

Also, I decided to start a weekly clip called “you know you have been in Saijo for a long time when…“

-so me and Burgon had this investigator that we taught for a couple weeks in August. We found her in Takaya, which is the town next to Saijo. She was pregnant at the time and had long, thick hair. She was probably half way along or so… you couldn:t tell she was that pregnant though. Well anyway we ended up dropping her as an investigator. I remember that she told us that she was going to move to Saijo. Well last Monday Sister Sanford and I were knocking on houses in Saijo and we knocked right into this lady! Excpet weird thing was she had cute short hair and a baby in her arms! Not even like an infant… the baby was pretty big! Soooooo weird haha!

Ok that is all! Love you all!



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