30 Mar 2015 / Erin Letter

… Literally all of the cherry blossoms suddenly burst open and now
the streets are lined with pink trees.  I seriously almost crashed on
my bike 5 times today because I can’t stop looking at them.  SO
BEAUTIFUL and it’s been so warm so I am the happiest person alive.

This week was awesome!  Hard at first because we went around for hours
and no one would talk to us.  But it’s like we slowly started working
through the spirit more and more throughout the week and last night we
ended up dancing in a parking lot at 8:30 pm and Cook SHIMAI said she
would even run with me because we felt the spirit and miracles
happened and we were so happy.

Anyways, starting at the beginning.  I got to go on splits in
KAMAKURA, a famous city with a bunch of old shrines and basically I
die every time I go there because it’s super posh and I want to live
there.  Forever.  But it’s so fun because it’s my 4th time on splits
there, so I kind of feel like there investigators are mine too!!  Love
being a missionary because I feel like it’s carrying the sun around
and giving bits of it to people wherever you go.  But it was funny
because I tend to be a bit bold when I teach so when I get a different
comp for a day, they’re always scared about when I’m going to ask
their investigators.  After we walked out of a lesson the comp I was
with said she was sweating a little bit during the lesson haha.

Taught a lesson to a less active by singing hymns.  It’s the only way
she’ll listen to us… It’s crazy because she doesn’t get anything and
just complains about life but the minute we start singing she closes
her eyes and is so silent.  And the spirit is so strong.

Went to see a baptism in another area with Ma San and her
daughter!!  It was a way good experience for them, and so cool to see
a baptism through new eyes.  She’ll get there someday… We’re still
teaching her very slowly!

FIRST TIME ALL DRESSED UP AND FANCY.  The biggest miracle of all.
They have been struggling majorly with church attendance.  Such a huge
act of faith.  We asked Charles how it was after and he looks at us
and said “it was a blessing.”

Our ward is helping us more and more.  They have changed soooo much
since I got here in October.  Back then they didn’t have a
relationship with the missionaries… Basically they thought we were
here to eat their food. But now we call them and visit them everyday
and they’re a huge blessing to our investigators.  We had our
missionary meeting with the WML before church and it started out with
the 6 missionaries and the WML.  But when it ended 30 minutes later
there were 10 members crammed in the room with us asking about our
work and how they can help.

THE KI’S ARE ON A ROLL.  They didn’t drink tea or coffee last
week and only smoked 10 cigarettes a day.  And the difference was SO
NOTICEABLE.  We went to visit them and they were so kind and loving,
it was like the spirit was with them.  And said they really desire to
be baptized now.  Emiko san said sometimes when she takes a bath she
pretends she’s being baptized because she wants to be pure hahaha I
almost cried and burst out laughing because that’s the best thing I’ve
ever heard.  They’re going to go down to 8 cigarettes this week…
Pray for them!!  And then it was craaaaazy right when we were going to
leave cook SHIMAI kept telling me to tell them about how they can get
a priesthood blessing to help then with the word of wisdom but I was
like nah we’re late, we already had a million things to talk about,
etc.  So finally she just speaks up and tells them herself.  And Emiko
San almost started crying and said she wants one so badly.  She said
right before cook SHIMAI spoke she felt the spirit and thought she saw
god’s hands being placed on our heads like WHAAAAT so cool.  And then
that is when we ran out to the parking lot and said a prayer of
gratitude and then started dancing.

 I love these people so much.  Their faith blows my mind… How
amazing that they would changes their LIVES and give up everything
they know for the Savior.  I was riding the train this week and taught
a woman who God was and that everything good comes from Him.  She kept
telling me she didn’t have anything good in her life.  And it kind of
blew my mind and I was looking at her and was like LOOK AT THE SUN AND
I have realized this week it is impossible not to see God.

Okay love you all HAVE THE BEST WEEK!!

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