01 June 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

It was a good week… except for the fact that I feel like I am swimming in a hot-tub, all-day everyday. But I have resolved not to talk about the weather anymore haha.

Biggest thing this week was probably that I hit my YEAR MARK!!! I cannot believe it! It doesn`t feel like a year at all… and then sometimes it feels like it has been 5 haha. Kitchen Shimai and I have been planning forever to go to this way nice Italian place on my year mark that we pass all the time. I thought it was your regular restaurant but it turned out to be pretty expensive… but we went for it anyway and we almost died because of how good the food was!

Some other cool things that went on last week:

-Komatsu Shimai is the Japanese missionary I live with…. we went on splits this past week and it was the best thing ever! We couldn`t stop laughing the whole time haha. We have already made plans to meet up for after the mission.

-We stopped this girl on the street… cute 23 year old and do the full schpeel to her… and then ask her if she would like to meet again and she tells us she is a member… haha WHAT?!? At first we were mortified but miracle of all miracles she turned out to be the less-active we have been looking for and not been able to contact!!

Anyway things are going way good. Sorry I dont have a ton of time today. But we are working way hard and building way good relationships with ward members.

Love you all!


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