01 June 2015 / Erin Letter

This week has been the loooongest, most work-filled week ever.  Parry
SHIMAI and I have been out all day everyday talking to literally every
female who breathes and we’ve been able to do see soo many amazing
things.  But we’re also soooo exhausted.

This week has also been a mixture of knowing we are in the right place
at the right time and being so grateful for it. And then on the flip
side praying and begging to know where to go and biking clear out to
the other side of the area and having everyone reject us and the
houses are deserted and it’s so, so frustrating.  I think that’s the
hardest part of my mission so far… I want so badly to testify and
tell people about this.  I’m willing to go up to anyone and say
anything the lord wants.  And I pray my heart out every morning to be
lead where to go… but get nothing.  At one point this week it was a
million degrees outside so no one was out and our plans didn’t work
out and we had already hit every area nearby and everyone who was out
basically ran away the minute we said church so we prayed and prayed
we had no clue what to do.  But, I guess I should be grateful to the
lord for giving me something to work on!

Okay the craziness of this week:

1. Last pday we actually didn’t get a pday because we met Aida (1/2
Egyptian 1/2 Italian) outside of her house and she INVITED US IN AND
MORMON WHAAAAAT.  I am screaming because this never happens.  So, so,
so grateful that we ran into her.

2. Planned a whole day based on the Book of Mormon… Practiced how we
would introduce it, etc.  We pulled it out to everyone that day but
wasn’t successful until the last person we spoke to… And it was
PERFECT message for her.  Exactly what she needed and she agreed to
learn more. So amazing how if you pray and prepare the lord will give
you people who need the message you prepared.

3. An American family who came to sightsee stopped by our church with
boxes of pizza for the missionaries.  Seriously none of us will ever
forget them hahaha.  But I ate pizza for the first time in a year and
it killed my stomach.  I’ve gotten too used to the healthy japanese

4. We got chewed out by a 90 year old hard core Buddhist grandma.  She
kept throwing her Buddhist pamphlets at us and refused to take ours.

5. It rained all day on Friday and we were outside all day because we
had no appointments.  But we saw so much success that day… We walked
down a street and stopped one person and got her phone number and gave
out a BOM.  Two seconds later another woman walks by and we do the
same thing.  And then it repeats for the third lady..: all one after
another. So funny.

6. We brought 4 people at church yesterday… Probably because we had
a big potluck after haha.  But one cool thing.  We learned about
CHRIST and the theme was that he’s always right beside us.  Shiho, our
new investigator I wrote about last week, turns to me and asks me if I
really do feel him beside me all the time.  And it really made me
think, because although a ton of amazing things happened this week it
was way way way hard and at times I wanted to give up and couldn’t
stand the thought of hours of streeting again.  Or I felt abandoned
and hurt and alone.  And it’s cool because although a lot of times I
can’t FEEL him next to me, helping me, I know without a doubt that he
is.  And it’s always after the hard time that I’m able to see clearly
exactly what he was doing.

Okay have the best week!!


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