04 May 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

CANNOT believe it is May!!! And that pretty soon I`ll have been a missionary for more than a year! The temperatures are climbing here… it is actually way, way bad because we are already dying and it`s not even the summer yet. Haha we spent one day this week just sweating and sunburnt, spending so much money at convienience stores just buying water and stuff, then we show up to a member`s house and they say “oh, it`s so cool cool today, this is nothing“ and we are just like `…….`

Anyway this was by far the best week yet in Naha!! We are actually TEACHING now!! Yayyyy!!!! But really we have seen so many miracles and are so, so, so blessed. Like we don`t deserve it… but I`ll take it haha. Some miracles- we had splits this week and Sister Salmon and I had 20 extra minutes so we decided to house a nearby apartment… we knock on our 2nd door and this l lady invites us in, has us sit down and asks us what the difference between our church and other Christian churches are. So anyway Sister Kitchen and I went back on Saturday and taught her the restoration AND she came to church yesterday!!! Her name is Kana-san and she really is a gem. So excited to keep teaching her!!

Anyway we had a fun week of working hard, teaching members, less-actives and random people, just sitting on the side of the rode and talking with them. On Friday we didn`t have anything planned so we decided to just street from noon until dinner… and asked heavenly father to provide someone who would listen to our m essage… and He did!!

Anyway thanks for all the prayers and stuff! have a good week!



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