06 July 2015 / Erin Letter

Craziest week ever…….. And not in a good way.

So, my old companion was sick with a fever, etc. and couldn’t go to

church last Sunday.  She felt fine on Monday so we came and did email

a week ago.  And then right after is when the red dots started showing

  1. Yes, SHE HAD THE CHICKEN POX.  Like WHAT.  So, except for email,

we weren’t allowed to leave our tiny, tiny apartment from Sunday until

Thursday when she was barely allowed to transfer to her new area.  And

by the end she was worrying about me and trying to help me instead of

the other way around because I was going craaaaaaazy.  But luckily the

elders came and gave us ice cream one day and the sisters form the

next area were worried about my mental health so they came and one of

them took me out for a few hours haha.  Maybe it was good because it

actually made me totally fine with being rejected all day, as long as

I got to get out and work!

On Thursday I picked up my new companion.  Holy cow.  Her name is

sister Smiley and she’s half Finnish and half American.  Speaks fluent

Finnish, French, and JAPANESE.  She studied it for two years at

Stanford.  And she’s the president of a million clubs and does every

sport and basically my jaw has been on the ground since the moment I

met her.  When I went to pick her up my mission president just walked

up to me with a huge smile on his face and said, “Nothing can hold you

back now Gazdik shimai.  You better start running… You can take off

and go with her.”  And we have… I have finally met my match!

Basically I treat her like a seasoned missionary because she acts like

one.  And so awesome because she refuses to speak English… We have

had many Japanese people come up to us and stop us because they see

two blonde girls chatting in Japanese on the train.

And some quick news:

-spent my Fourth of July in an ambulance because my comp smashed her

finger in a member’s car.  And she still doesn’t have insurance

because she came five days ago and they kept asking me if she had

chronic diseases and I didn’t know that word in Japanese and it was a

mess.  But it’s all good now!!!

-HIR San, an investigator, finally met with us again after we found

her a month ago.  Had a lesson at 8:30 sitting on a bench in the

middle of a big shopping street.  But it was awesome… She has a pure

heart and is willing to try.  So excited and hopeful.

-taught Satou shimai how to read from the BOM… Really ponder and

apply it.  We practiced with her and it was AMAZING to witness a

scripture come alive and enter into her heart.  One of the most

amazing experiences is to watch someone else feel the spirit.

-taught young women’s about covenants and I LOVED it.  Convents are SO

IMPORTANT.  It’s crazy how blessed we are to have them.

-went housing and taught a drunk 80 year old Buddhist lady.  Never again.

-my companion has yet to see the sun in Japan.  It has POURED every

day this week.

Okay love you!!!! Have the best week!!!


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