08 June 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!

Here is the run-down of the top moments from this past week:

– Reading Alma 32 with our investigator, Kana-san, who struggles with the Book of Mormon. But us breaking down each verse and her looking up with a shocked expression and saying “This is me. They are talking about me.“ Proud missionary moment!

– The cat situation in Okinawa is RIDICULOUS. Literally hoards of homeless cats swarm the streets. It is disgusting. We have done a good job of avoiding them but on Tuesday we were standing outside of an apartment building and I was praying to start of our night… and I feel something against my legs and think “wow that feels good“… and look down to see a gross cat rubbing against my legs. Let`s just say the prayer was not finished and their was a lot of screaming and hand sanitizer involved.

– Something I realized this past week that is way cool… the Naha church building has stacks of Liahona magazines sitting around… and I love reading them during meals. So since I have arrived in Naha I have stolen them from the church and have read every single issue in the past 4 years while eating meals. But then I realized yesterday that I have such a testimony of the living prophet and his apostles. Just from reading their words and the feeling and thoughts that came from that. When I came on my mission I was pretty `meh` about them but now I love them and know they are called of God. So I thought that was cool.

– I realized yesterday that I have been using FABRIC SOFTENER instead of detergent for the past 3 weeks. Gross.

– We have been going to Okinawa University for the past couple weeks,,, but then this past week we found Okinawa WOMEN`s College… let`s just say that one word made all the difference. Found a 20 year old named ANNA and are meeting with her on Thursday!!!

– We made a baptismal date with our investigator AGARIE-san… and she came to church yesterday with her 2 young daughters and had a really good chat with the Primary President! Yay!

-A cool miracle… we were biking home on Tuesday night. We don`t live in our area so we always cross the border with 9 minutes left and stop dendoing… excpet on Tuesday we got to the border with 13 minutes left and I was sooooo tempted to just get home 4 minutes early  but decided to contact one more person… We stood and waited for a group to cross over to us and I ask Kitchen Shimai, “Stripes or black?“ And she picks the girl with the striped shirt… who ended up being a cute 19 year old who is WAY interested in Christianity!

Anyway that just about wraps it up. Love you all!!


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