08 June 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

It’ll be a short one this week… We had temple pday today so I’m low
on time!  But it’ll also be short because this was a rough week.  Like
really, really rough.  It left me wondering what I’m doing wrong… If
maybe I’m not being obedient enough or consecrated enough or not
praying enough or thinking about others enough because the week was
spent going all over our area trying to find people and getting reject
time after time.  And then the long hours of finding start to get
really tough mentally and physically and I’m left wondering why the
heck I can’t feel the spirit and just find those people who will
listen.  We had all this finding time because the investigators we
found last week literally all dropped us… Aida’s husband doesn’t
want her to be affiliated with our church so she told us not to come
over and won’t answer her phone.  Shiho said she is too busy to meet
and said she can’t even make time to pray.  Shimada san actually
refused to pray or keep any of the commitments.

BUT I’m going to be positive and list the good/funny:

1. It has been raining a ton so we have been housing a lot.  We
knocked on one lady’s door and she lives by herself and is 85.  We
found out really quick that she has short term memory loss.  When she
opened the door to us she saw our name tags and said “oh, I used to go
to a Christian preschool!  My mom took me there!” And she went off for
a minute about that and then her eyes would drift back to our badges
and she started the exact same conversation again and again and again.
It happened about 8 times and we were just stick and felt so rude to
leave in the middle.  The poor thing.

2. The American families who live here leave fairly quickly.  One
family who is leaving this summer has the largest food storage filled
with American food that they needed to get rid of.  The invited all 6
missionaries over and we arrived home with boxes of food.  It was
literally Christmas morning.

3. I went to MLC, the meeting for zone leaders and sister training
leaders in our mission.  We got to be trained for a day by president
Wada and sister Wada.  It was such an answer to my prayers.  It’s been
rough lately but by the time I walked out of the conference, I had a
huge feeling of gratitude for the opportunity to be a missionary.
Sometimes it’s the worst but it always turns out to be the best.

Love you!  Erin


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