11 May 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!!

This one is going to be short because I am going to be skyping in 23
minutes!!! So pumped!!!

Anyway this week was way fun. Some highlights:
-zone pday in Okinawa! Which included making our own Shi-sha… The
okinawan creature things. Also dad and Jordan would be proud to know
that, unlike the other sisters, I went ahead and jumped into a game of
basketball with the elders. Lol it was hilarious and sadly I also got
out my first shot at knockout.

– the ap’s have been touring the mission to do special training…
They gave us an intense 4 hour instruction on how to most effectively
contact people on the street… And then we immediately went on splits
for 2 hours. Except they split up the sisters so I went on splits with
my zone leader… Soooo weird to dendo with an elder…. Sister
kitchen was always across the street in eyesight with the other zl but
it was so weird.

– we have been able to find and start teaching so many people… It is
amazing to see where God leads us. So many people have literally said
the words “I have been wanting to learn about Christianity” “lately I
have gained interest about God” etc.

Anyway have to go love you all!!!!


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