13 April 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello from the island of Okinawa!!!

So excited to be here. It really is the Hawaii of Japan– palm trees, little touristy shops, and a more chill, relaxed vibe. Also it has raining every single day….welcome rain season!

My companion is Sister Kitchen… fresh from the MTC! She is 20 and from Farmington, Utah. She was actually Miss Farmington  last year and competed for Miss Utah haha.

Ok so just to rewind… my last few days were spent in Saijo just packing, saying goodbyes, etc. I got to go to the Hiroshima Carp`s baseball game too, which was way lucky. Also a way embarrassing story… we can only fly with 1 suitcase so I took my other one to the post office to ship it to Okinawa. Except it was way too heavy… so heavy that the scale couldn:t read it!! Haha so in the post office, in front of everyone, I had to but a big box and open up my suitcase and switch the heavy stuff to the box and ship both of them. Haha I was dying.

So I actually took a 5 hour bus down to Fukuoka on Thursday morning.. then the elders in Fukuoka took me to the subway, told me to get off in 2 stops because I would be at the airport. I was like “WHAT?!? I can`t do this by myself!!“ Also my plane was leaving in less than an hour and I wasn`t even at the airport… needless to say I was a mess haha just running around trying to figure things out. Thankfully I made it. barely.

Anyway Okinawa is good!! We just spent the first couple days unpacking and trying to plan…. which means just looking at a map and praying and trying to pick areas we think would be good to go to… having never even been to our area yet haha. The ward seems great… we had General Conference this weekend so we haven:t really been able to see the ward or meet anyone yet.

Have to mention on miracle… we were just walking down a street, contacting people and stop this lady. She tells us that she has no interest in Christ. But we keep talking to her and she says that she will listen to us just one time… except she only had right then. So we actually walked to the church together (15 min) and gave her a tour and then sat down and taught her a lesson. By the end she was grinning and asking to learn more.. the spirit was so strong. Anyway, I didn:t expect these kinds of miracles so fast. It is amazing to see what will happen when we just put our faith in God and work hard!!

Love you all and grateful for you!



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