13 Erin 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a good week!  I went to honbu on Thursday and picked up my
new comp who’s straight from the MTC.  It was SOOO surreal because I
feel like I was just there 2 weeks ago waiting to see who my trainer
was.  And to make it weirder is that my trainer was also there on
Thursday getting her exit interview and had her plane ticket in hand
to hop on the plane home!!  SOOO weird.

Life now is way different but it’s been awesome!  My comp’s name
Fordiani shimai… She’s 19 and from Utah and is awesome.  For
example: her first full day of DENDO and in yamato was on Friday.  The
missionaries in our stake are doing a 40 day fast so that we can help
the area and the members more… one companionship from the stake
fasts all day so there is always a companionship fasting for 40 days.
Well Friday happened to be the day we were assigned to.  I told her
not to do it BUT she insisted she would.  So completely jet lagged and
without food, she biked with me through the freezing rain all day
listening to a language she can’t yet speak doing things she’s never
done before.  I was like YOU ARE THE BEST.

We’ve been so busy with appointments and general conference that we’ve
had seriously no time to actually go find people … I have yet to
take her streeting!! But I’m so excited.  It’s so fun to be with some
new because she gets so excited over the simple fact of someone
listening to us or being able to say anything about church to someone.

So the week…

1. It has rained every single day.  It’s pouring now.  Spring is not
my friend but I’m lucky to have companions who don’t complain about
being soaking and freezing all day.

2. I love strengthening the ward.  Way back when I got here I made
sure to go talk to a quiet sister who know one really knew.  We became
good friends and we go over to share messages with her a lot.  She
completely has opened up to us and it is a blessing but a heavy
responsibility to have someone unload all of their fears and burdens
to you.  She and her daughter are the only members of their family.
We have been trying to help her get to the temple but she is having a
hard time with it.  When we went to go study with her about the temple
there was a point where because of her situation i didn’t know what to
do or say… I was completely out of ideas.  So we were sitting there
on her floor next to her heater and the rain is pounding outside and
it’s completely silent and I have noooooo clue what the heck to do.
But I suddenly remembered a scripture I had read the day before from
Moroni 8… “And I am filled with charity, which is everlasting love;
wherefore, all children are alike unto me; wherefore, I love little
children with a perfect love; and they are all alike and partakers of
salvation. For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a
changeable being; but he is unchangeable from all eternity to all
eternity.”  And then it was crazy how fast the spirit filled the room
and then she started crying and it was a perfect moment.  The Book of
Mormon is the truest book ever.

3. Mat san is progressing like no one’s business… I AM SO PROUD
OF HER.  We went an taught the atonement and she was like “oh yeah, so
Jesus took the burden of everyone’s sins?  Okay.”  THIS IS THE LADY
the end of the lesson she was like, “how come everyone doesn’t know
about this?  It’s so important!  Why don’t my neighbors know about
Joseph smith either?” Hahahahaha.

4. GENERAL CONFERENCE: the bomb.  So blessed to have 3 investigators
come.  The KIKUCHI’S came for the last session of the Sunday
conference… 20 minutes before it ended.  So they only heard 1 talk
hahaha.  But they said that they weren’t going to come because their
car engine died but they thought that it was satan trying to stop them
so they kept on coming.  And the best part of all was that after the
session ended Fordiani SHIMAI and I couldn’t talk to them for 15
minutes… The members were all crowded around them and chatting.  I
almost cried I was so happy and proud.

5. The ward members met my companion and told her that I was a hard
worker and very strict and majime so now she’s scared of me

Okay no time but I’m doing well!  LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  I can’t
even express how much I love it.  I was reading Alma 26 this week and
I got way excited and was like MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST THING EVER.

Love you!


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