15 June 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello everyone!!

We had a good week. Actually there were a lot of disappointing things
that happened but it was cool to still count the little miracles and
be grateful for the everyday blessing.

Pictures are from Shuri Castle… We went as a district for pday.

Some other fun things that happened this week:
– we had a day where we had no appointments, etc. so we decided to
beat the afternoon sun by doing a day of service…. We ,are a million
no-bake cookies….after the senior couple so graciously bought the
ingredients from base and delivered them. Anyway we spent all day
running around and delivering them and talking to any female we laid
eyes on during all of the delivering.

– the sister training leaders came to do splits with us!

– we have been working with a lot of less-actives lately and it is so
good. The joy that comes from watching them rediscover the savior is
the same, if not better, then helping someone to baptism.

– our investigator Aga San came to the ward primary activity and
brought her neighbor who she has been talking to about the gospel.

– we had interviews with president… Our last one!!! It was way sad
to say goodbye. FYI transfers are next week so I will not email until
Tuesday. New president should be coming in on the July 2.

– also during interviews president told me that kitchen shimai and I
are going to be opening the SHURI and YONABARU areas to sisters…
That he wants to put sisters in there soon and our job is to build it
up so for now we can only work in Naha for 3 days a week and have to
go to Shuri for the rest of the week. So we are now over 3 different
areas and we will be biking up a hill for an hour to get to Shuri….
And be doing a lot of housing and finding all day in the sun. Pray for
us!!! We will be busy.

Ok well I think that is it. Love you all so much.



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