18 May 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!


Still no transfer call but 99% that Kitchen Shimai and I are staying together! Anyway just want to take this chance to say how grateful I am for the last 6 weeks… coming into a new area with nothing and having to open it up… but to have such a chance to work with the spirit has been amazing. This past week we were able to make a baptismal date with one of our investigators, and have several come to church. Every week we have several lessons with members present. And of course there are still lots of things that don`t work out but Kitchen Shimai and I are so excited because we feel that these people have been waiting for us. A little run-down: The SHIMOJI family… single, young and super cute 35 year old mom and 3 young kids. They actually moved to Naha THE SAME WEEK as Kitchen Shimai and I and we found them a couple days later while knocking on houses… we have lessons with the whole family and they are so so cute. And TANI san who is way young but has cancer… but what a blessing to be able to tell her about the Atonement and Christ.

Anyway unto the funner stuff… here`s the highlights from this week:

-This member wanted to take all 4 of us Naha Sisters out to lunch… at a super fancy resort in Okinawa! We had to get special permission to go… it was in this hotel. Anyway we get there and she gets an emergency call and cannot eat with us anymore… so just drops us of and says “ill pick you up in 2 hours“ …. BEST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE. The sweet thing paid for us and it was endless food. So cool.

-Us teaching the Holy Ghost to Kana-san and she gasps and runs outside mid-lesson. Then comes back in holding a flower pot and says very seriously “I am happy when I look at this. Is that the spirit?“ She was astounded. So cute.

-Us literally having to SPRINT to our bikes and run away from several creepy men this past week… I dont know why we just have way bad luck once 8pm hits… several guys have been following us around, offering us gifts, etc. And we calmly hold it together until we turn the corner and then book it haha.

– Kitchen Shimai and I taught YW`s… we were soooo excited and wanted to make it way good so we decided to try and make chocolate chip cookies… ok I shouldve known not to even try (Erin is going to die) because we didnt have ingredients so we tried to use pancake mix. It turned out to be bready scones with a couple chocolate chips. But we were so excited and hid them in the room to pull them out at the end of YW… but then one of the leaders walks in at the beginning and proudly proclaims “I worked so hard and made American cookies!“ and they were PERFECT little cookies. Hahaha so we just never unveiled ours.

Anyway we are working hard! It is soooooooooooooo hot. 


Love Anna



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