18 May 2015 / Erin Letter

Short one…….. Because I’ll be hopping on a train in a few hours and transferring

to YAMATE.  It would be a bit of an understatement to say I’m upset.

I’ve been in this area for 7 months and it has completely changed me.

I am SOOO grateful for missions and so grateful for the opportunity to

become a better person through serving others.

Some miracles from my last week in yamato…

  1. Mats san went to the temple with a member to walk around it and

go to the book store.  She bought a real Book of Mormon and bible and

so basically I think we should start calling her Mats SHIMAI!

  1. The KIKs came to a baptismal service in the next area.  It was

there first time seeing one and it was AMAZING… The spirit was so

strong and they totally felt it.  They said they’ll start making time

for lessons now.  On the car ride over I had the realest talk with

emiko san about how she needs to have faith and start acting and trust

CHRIST enough to not drink tea when she goes out with her friends

because she knows that CHRIST will bless her and her friends will

understand.  And how only through baptism can she become the person

she wants to be and be truly happy.

  1. Kei San (who stopped lessons) crying when we visited her and

telling us that she knows that we saved her with these teachings and

that they give her power and one day she’ll start he lessons again.

I LOVE this area and love these people and love the gospel.  Excited

for my next area… and the next people I’ll meet!!



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