20 April 2015 / Erin Letter

We’ve been wet all week!  But we’ve been able to see a ton of cool
things happen anyways.  This will be a short one, so I’ll sum it up

1. We’ve been working on finding through the spirit and the good news
is that it’s working.  We’ve got pull out the restoration pamphlet and
teach about Joseph smith multiple times this week which is super rare
here because normally people don’t let us talk past the “church
volunteer” part.  I love to talk to people so normally I would choose
to hit the streets and demolish it and talk as many people as we see
because I have no patience for housing haha.  But we spent a solid
amount of time housing this week and it was awesome!

2. Ma San is progressing like no other.  And the ward is THE
BOMB.  Matsuda San has the hardest time with the Book of Mormon… She
can’t understand it at all.  So this week we put together an activity
and 5 sisters from our ward all brought lunch to the church and we ate
and read the Book of Mormon together.  And then we just sat in awe as
the sisters went off and scheduled a date that they are going to go to
the temple with Matsuda san to show her around.  And they got out an
order form for her to buy a real Book of Mormon and bible.  Like BEST
WARD EVER.  Haha we were just chilling as we watched this unfold.
Matsuda San also brought her daughter to mutual later on in the week
and came to church.

3.  New investigator: YA San.  We meet her a few weeks ago
housing and scheduled an appointment.  Well we go and she’s sitting in
her car in front of her house.  And she’s like “I’m in the middle of
driving around for work and don’t have much time, can we do it in
here?”  So we hop in her car and I was way sketched out because I
thought she was going to drive off and kidnap us.  But it turned out
to be an amazing lesson.  She is soooo prepared.  We gave her a Book
of Mormon when we first met her and she had already started it.  She
said she’s Buddhist but she’s suddenly recently been having a feeling
she needs to start reading the bible.  And she said for some reason,
she made her goal this year to pray to God instead of her ancestors.
She said she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence she met us and she wants
to know if Joseph smith’s experience and the Book of Mormon is true.
I was like “what do you think you need to do to find the truth?”  And
she’s like, “read this book and learn from you.”  And I was like GOOD
IDEA LET’S DO IT.  All while I’m in the back seat of her car.

Okay have the best week!!  Thanks for everything!


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