22 June 2015 / Erin Letter


This week was filled with rain, humidity, and no one meeting with us.
It’s really sad because I way miss teaching lessons.  But we’re trying
our best to talk with everyone to find new investigators and it’s been
really fulfilling to do so.  So many moments like a few days ago when
the sun is setting and we’re talking to a young mom at a park who’s
there with her 2 kids.  And we’re testifying and telling her what we
believe about how church can help families and how its’s helped ours
and my heart is so happy and I feel like is is exactly what I’m
supposed to be doing.  Even when she says no to learning more, and the
next 20 people say no, I feel okay because I know it’s exactly what
I’m supposed to be doing.

So a bunch of random stuff from this week:

1. We went streeting in downtown Yokohama… Which is basically like
trying to go find investigators in the great and spacious building.
But it was fun to try to find someone against the odds.  We had bets
on how long we could make a person stop and talk, etc.

2. I went on splits to another area and the apartment is on top of a
karaoke bar hahahahaha it was the funniest.  Basically we had people
singing us to sleep, and all during our study hours.

3. Taught an investigator in the other area.  It was a frustrating
lesson because she doesn’t believe that Joseph smith was a prophet…
So she refused to keep the word of wisdom because she said a bunch of
men made it up.  It made me think a lot about faith and agency and how
powerful and important.  I so wanted to give this investigator my
faith and belief just for a minute so she could feel and know.  But
she must choose for herself.  I was so frustrated and sad that she
wouldn’t use faith just to try it, just to pray and see.  But then it
made me think that that’s how Heavenly Father must view me all the
time… We are all investigators in his eyes.

4 I got invited with 15 other missionaries from our mission to go to
an interpreter’s training at honbu.  It’s for when we interpret
English into Japanese or Japanese into English at conferences, etc for
Japanese missionaries who don’t speak English or for foreigners who
don’t speak Japanese.  Oh my gosh I have never been so nervous in my
life.  We got trained by a professional and it was terrifying.
Everyone got an earpiece in their ear and there was one microphone
that we took turns passing down. The trainer read a general conference
talk in English at normal pace and we had to translate it into
Japanese at the same time with all the other missionaries and the guy
in charge listening.  But i loved it and it made me soooo grateful
that I have a chance to learn and speak Japanese.  Sometimes I forget
how crazy that is.

Well love you all!!! Have the best week!



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