25 May 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!!

This past week was one of those weeks where every single investigator decides to disappear on the missionaries… at the same time. I cannot tell you how many times we had planned and rehearsed our lesson and had a member waiting at the church… and then the investigator cancels… and then we cannot contact them… and then we are back to thinking we have to start all over again with 0 investigators. Oh well, these kind of weeks just come and go. Part of the missionary life I guess.

Some fun things that happened this week;

-We entered rainy season!! Which I was dreading but turns out it is a miracle in disguise because the temps have dropped dramatically!! Eating and showering and sleeping are no longer painful! Anyway it`s actually way fun sporting rain shoes and umbrellas everyday.

-Last p-day we went to the Okinawa Art Museum… I absolutely died. Seriously it was heaven. Mom, I wish you could have been there with me. On of their exhibitions on display was a Disney exhibit.. including real props the Anne Hathaway wore in Princess Diaries… her dress, crown, etc. So pictures weren`t allowed but I got some in, even with the body guard staring me down.

-Transfers… still in Naha with Kitchen Shimai but our apartment changed. So it went from 2 Japanese and 2 Americans to 3 Americans and 1 Japanese.

-Okinawa University is in our area… we go house there a lot but then at least once a week we leave the apartment early and hit up all the college students during lunch hour. It is way fun!

-I love being a missionary and being able to work through the spirit… there is such a difference between knocking on doors for 2 hours and knocking on doors for 2 hours in an area where Heavenly Father wants you to be.

Ok I think that is it!! Love you all!


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