25 May 2015 / Erin Letter

New area……and I love it!!! Half of it is a tourist attraction and half of it is

a dwelling place for the richest people in Japan… Which means DENDO

is way hard.  The streets are jam packed with a sea of people and it’s

so overwhelming, but it’s been awesome.

The first four days I was on splits and in different areas to give and

receive training.  I got to rain the brand new missionaries with

Eyring SHIMAI and it was a really awesome, humbling, and spirit filled

experience.  We went to the mission home and it was so fun to teach

them about how we DENDO and our purpose, etc.  but the best part was

when Eyring SHIMAI and I had to teach them how to teach the first

lesson (the restoration). We never practiced or talked about what we

were going to do but we sat down in front of the new missionaries and

grabbed one to be an “investigator.”  And it was so crazy how strong

the spirit was.  At one point we had the pamphlet page open to the

picture of the first vision.  And we read Joseph smith’s experience

and testified of the truth of it and I was filled with SO much wonder

and gratitude for Joseph smith and the restoration.  In that moment I

have never felt a greater belief than I did.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL.

Okay back to the area.  We have been working hard and basically

starting for scratch.  Neither of us know the area so I have google

maps open every second of the day.  But a huuuuge miracle on Friday

night.  We went to go hand out fliers for our eikaiwa and the train

station.  I reaaaally don’t like doing this (I’d much rather go up and

tell someone about God) so I usually never do it with my companions.

But for some reason I was willing to do it.  So we go and in 30

minutes I meet and set appointments with 2 separate woman to teach

them.  So amazing!!! We taught one the next morning and she’s now a

new investigator.

So grateful for the grace and help we receive everyday because I’d be

dead without it.  Have the best week!



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