27 April 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey!  Had a good, long, and hot week.  So enjoying the sun!! A quick recap…

1. So blessed this week with new investigators.  And they’re all
hilarious.  We met Akemi at a train station in the farthest part of
our area on Thursday and I told her to stand in front of the 7/11 in
that area at 10:20AM on Sunday morning and wait for a car with two 80
year old church members to pick her up and drive her to a Mormon
church.  This is all coming from two 20 year old Americans.  AND SHE
DID IT hahahahaha we walked into church and there she was.  She stayed
all 3 hours and for a kid’s baptism after.  We got to teach her and
have another appointment on Wednesday and she said she’s going to wait
in front of the same 7/11 next week because she wants to come again
haha.  Another new investigator is Ar san who told us she hates
religion but I kept bugging her for like 10 minutes so she said we can
come back and she’ll let us in.  We did and we taught the restoration
and at the end she committed to praying and reading the scriptures
because she understands it’ll make her happy.  Like YES.

2. Thank goodness we have these new investigators because all of our
progressing investigators are not only riding the struggle bus,
they’ve decided to buy the whole incorporation.  Even precious
YAMAGUCHI san, after an awesome lessons with a member (it was in her
car again hahahahaha) told us she can’t meet for A WHOLE MONTH.

3. Sometimes the weight of being a missionary feels so heavy.
Members, less actives, investigators, and random people we meet open
up to us and tell us their problems and plead for us to pray for them.
And my heart breaks and I hope so much that my faith and their faith
is strong enough so that they can feel my prayers.

4. Visited a member who’s kind of struggling with her testimony.  So
we taught the restoration to her again and i asked her where she would
be/what would be different in her life if we didn’t have the
restoration and the fullness of the gospel.  I was going for something
like “I would be lost/wouldn’t have purpose/it would impossible to be
truly happy.”  Her answer: I’d be catholic.  HAHAHA.

5. So cool to watch people as they discover the joy of the gospel.
Finished teaching the plan of salvation to Mat San and she was
shocked at the whole eternal families and eternal life thing.  She
kept saying, “so when people die it’s not so sad then, right?”  And
then I asked her how she would feel if she could see her dad again who
passed away years ago.  And she literally freaked out.  It was so…
Happy!  And then she got obsessed about if her dogs will get
resurrected or not.

6. We bought bakery bread for a less active who’s life is really,
really hard.  Basically her body is always in deep pain and she’s old
and all alone.  We delivered it to her and when I went to hug her at
the end, she crumpled in my arms and started sobbing.  Tiny moments
like those that change my life and that I will never forget.

Okay THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.  It’s sunny and warm so that means I’m happy.

Love, Erin


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