29 June 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

Kitchen Shimai and I are still together… 3 transfers!! Our apartment didn`t change either so pretty much it feels as if transfers didn`t happen in this corner of the mission.

This week I have been especially grateful for the members in our ward… they have bent over backwards picking up our investigators for church, lessons, etc. For a missionary that makes all the difference in the world. The RS president calls our investigator on her own to chat, we finally have a solid relationship with the bishop, ward council yesterday was 1 1/2 hours on just missionary service… so things are looking way good and I finally feel like things are rolling!

One cool thing this week was that we framed pictures of Christ and gave them to our investigators who we felt needed them. We gave one to Kana-san and thanked her for being such a good example to us. And then she said “No, He is the real example“ and pointed to Christ. It was so cool and that is for sure my favorite part of the whole process, from finding to baptism. Just getting to see the small moment of conversion on the way.

On Saturday we partied alllll day!! So all the members in our new Shuri ward love us because we are the first sisters in that ward… so they invited us to their “ward Picnic“ on Saturday morning. We thought it was going to be a normal picnic… but it was actually a bused tour of all the ancient castle sight and ruins in Okinawa. HAHA it was us 2 and a group of 10 select people from the ward! Anyway we way lucked out with that one. It was so cool to learn about the history of Okinawa, Okinawa war, etc. Then on Saturday night our Naha ward had an activity which our investigators came to.

That is pretty much it!

Ok thanks so much I love you!!!


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