29 June 2015 / Erin Letter


So I will be picking up a new bean.  I’m really nervous about who
it’ll be and I feel bad for bringing them in them in this area because
we have no teaching appointments.  But I’m so ready to work so hard.
I’m glad I don’t have to deal with obedience issues of this comp
anymore but parry shimai and I actually did so well this last week.
They day before transfers I knew I could do it with her another one…
Not only do it, but love her and have fun and be okay.  It was like is
last week my head cleared and snapped back into place and it was so
good.  It was like God was waiting for me to do that, and then he
switched it.  So this will be my 8th companion.  1 from Japan, 3 from
Utah, 3 from California, and this new one who knows where!!!

It’s funny because parry shimai is so proud because she says she
finally broke the Gazdik shimai.  It’s good because it was so hard but
I’m a little different now in a good way.  She got me to relax a bit.

Wilson shimai is also training so we get to go to honbu together!!!!

Oh yeah, I am officially STL now!  Get to go in splits with other
sisters, do trainings, etc.  so cool because I came in Japan with 3
other sisters… Wilson, eyring, and kaizaki.  We are all STLS now and
have all trained many times.  I have no clue how this happened!!!!!!!

Love you!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!  Read alma 17 I love it!!!!



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