Anna Letter/ 13 July 2015

What’s up everybody!!

The highlight of this week was that we were on LOCKDOWN in our
apartments from Wednesday night to Saturday morning…. but unlike all
of the other ” typhoons” I have had on my mission, this one was
actually legit!!! It looked like the news… chunks of palm trees in
the streets, and our ears would get plugged in our apartment (like on
an airplane) because the wind was so strong. Anyway let’s just say I
will never ever complain about having to go out and do a whole day of
finding again!! We just spent the time inside our apartment calling
every single person in our area book, mogi-ing and trying not to go
crazy. Plus we would take breaks and walk down to the garage… we
called the trip “splash mountain” because it was.

One other thing that happened this past week is that I realized my
English has heavily deteriorated… I said “it became so that she can
joint” to kitchen shimai the other day, which makes sense if you are
translating Japanese into English haha.

Our investigators took a huge blow from the typhoon and the recovery
is just starting… Lost lessons, etc. we will keep working hard!!

Love you all and grateful for you!!!&


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