Erin Letter / 13 July 2015

Another week in the apartment……took another trip in the ambulance on Tuesday for my comp’s 104 fever. Aaaaand then she got covered in red dots. And we spent another week exiled to our apartment which is really just a room.  And I thought I had died earlier but then I really did die haha.  At one point we called our mission president’s wife basically crying because we were going crazy and she said something to us… “危機は機会” crisis is the opportunity.  As we decided to do everything we could to make use of our time inside.  We were super strict with the schedule and still only took 1 hour lunches and dinners.  Contacted every single person in area book, planned over and over, studied like crazy, came up with new finding ideas, and wrote cards to every single member in our Ward. And in the end we both ran out today alive and sooooo excited to dendo.  I am seriously begging for rejection and heat and crazy hills… Grateful for the new perspective! I got to sneak out and go to MLC on Thursday.  One thing I am so grateful for that I never even expected is the friendships that come from a mission.  It seriously blows my mind that I didn’t know some of these people before my mission… I feel like they’re my family.  So so so grateful to have forever friends.  Got to dendo a little on the way back and one lady we talked to told us she felt like she was speaking to Christ.  And it was amazing because I could feel it too. We were out in the sun and the wind was blowing and we had just testified about church and it was like the light of Christ and spirit was surrounding us. Still saw miracles inside and got a few appointments from people in the old records.  4 of our people came to church even though we weren’t there. Love you all! Erin 1. Everyday it is like we are in the ocean or on the sun 2. Got out for two seconds! 4. A letter from a family in my old Ward came.  Mortified that he girl drew me with chocolate in my hand.  They know me so well


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