Anna Letter / 20 July 2015

IMG_0840 IMG_0876 IMG_0901Hello Everyone!!

It was one of those weeks (again) where we could not meet with even 1 of our investigators…. one was in the hospital, one decided she wants a break, one worked extra hours, etc. But at the end we still felt blessed because through all of our finding time we were able to see miracles, just in a way that we hadn`t expected.

Anyway the Sister Training Leader`s came this week and we did a weird companion exchange where we went on splits with an STL and then I went with Curtis Shimai, who I live with. Anyway it was way fun to dendo with someone my same age (mission-wise) again.

The highlight of the week would definitely be meeting our new Mission President and his wife. OMG THEY ARE AMAZING. I literally had my eyes get a little wet 5 different times while they were talking just because the spirit was so strong and I just new that they were inspired to be here. They are way, way, way fun people and way full of energy. I am jealous I do not get my full 18 months with them!!

Also we taught someone about Jesus Christ on their doorstep. They didn`t know anything about Him before talking with us, so we explained who He is and why we follow Him. And at the end we asked, “What do you think about what we are saying? Do you believe in Jesus Christ“ and she said “Yes, because he is right in front of me“ and went on to say that she could feel Him through us. It is the best thing to hear!!!

I love you all so much!!


p.s. pics– someone gave us a whole 2 squids so we prepared them 2 different ways… delicious!


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