Anna Letter / 27 July 2015

Hello Everyone!!

Highlights from the week:

– It is officially eel season! They had some samples in front of the local grocery store, so of course I stopped and popped one in my mouth. So then my companion, who can`t even be in the same room if we start cooking salmon, does the same. Hahaha let`s just say it was a good thing that the people who were serving it to us weren`t offended by her puking it up right in front of them!!! So of course then we had to go buy ice cream haha. Also later that day we asked our investigator what her favorite animal was, and she said USAGI (rabbit) but I thought she said UNAGI (eel) so then I said “oh, we ate that today!“ and she was horrified.

– We were locked inside our apartment again, but just for a couple hours, because it ended up being nothing.

-We made a baptismal date with our 18 yr. old investigator, IK! We were so excited, except for 2 days later she calls us from the hospital… she got in a motor accident and broke her leg. She lost her ability to walk and will be in the hospital for 2 months. So yeah…

-Just a lot of awesome lessons and days of dendo where I felt so powerful, but only because I could feel His power working through me!! I am so glad to do this work!

Love you all!  Have a good week!


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