Erin Letter / 20 July 2015

Hey everyone!

Went to the temple today so I have no time to write which is awful
because we had a great week!  Nothing huge happened but I am loving
being a missionary right now.  My comp is super awesome and we are
getting out and working hard and are soaking wet all day because we
are running around everywhere all day in a million degrees with
humidity but I would haven’t any other way.  I’m so excited to leave
the apartment everyday and talk with everyone… I can’t even describe
the joy and love I feel when I speak to people on the streets and in
their homes and get to bear my testimony just for a second.  It’s

Anyways I’m just going to try to remember all the random things…

1. When on splits with the sisters I’m over and I should be fired or
something because I forgot to give my companion the keys to our
apartment.  So I’m way far in the other area and I get a call and my
comp and the other sister are locked out of our apartment and were
starving haha.  So basically we spent all day at on the train riding
back to them and returning again.

2. We are teaching HAR, a half Filipino and half Japanese lady we
met a month ago.  So awesome because she’s Christian already and her
English is best so it’s like we are finally released and get to teach
deep and go to town during her lessons.  The best part was when we
taught the restoration and focused on living prophets and felt the
spirit super strong.

3. I did a training in zone meeting about how to find people.  It was
a way good experience for me to see why I’m here and that I need to do
even more to pour out my heart to every single person everyday.  I had
everyone think of someone they super loved not being member of the
church.  And that person walking down the street and two missionaries
turn the corner and start walking toward that person.  What would you
want the missionaries to say?  I thought about how I would be so
nervous and hope with all my heart that those two missionaries had
woken up at 6:30 that morning and exercised and studied and were
obedient.  That they were looking at this friend like God would and
that they would stop her and smile and speak from their hearts. And
just invite her. Made me realize that I must do this to every person
everyday because without a doubt there is someone in heaven watching
and holding this hope on their heart.

4. I loooove going for the hard people to contact on the streets—
it’s become sort of a competition with my comp and I haha.  Like
stopping the people with headphones or people who are running to the
train station or the people who see us and cross the street on
purpose.  We were at a park and there was only 1 woman so we ran
across a muddy field to get to her before she left haha.

5. Last: WA SAN.  Miracle lady.  She was on the area book and I
contacted her when my comp was sick.  She came to a sports activity on
sat, missionary fireside on sun, took a Book of Mormon, and asked us
to teach her two teenage kids who need direction.  Miracle lady.
Thank you chicken pox.

Okay no time love you bye!!


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