Erin Letter / 27 July 2015

It is so hot and humid it is literally like we are walking around in a steam room with a a hair dryer blowing on us. I can’t even describe it but breathing feels like stuffing a bunch of hot cotton balls down your throat.  It’s so bad that we get way lethargic and have no appetite and I crashed on my bike and fell down the stairs yesterday hahaha.  BUT we are still going.  Motto until October: “beat the heat.” Other than that , this week was way awesome.  Still having so much fun in this area with my comp.  A run down of our people: MIT SAN:  new investigator and she’s super awkward and it’s way funny.  We taught her the plan of salvation and the highlights included her asking, at the beginning, if our church was catholic or Protestant.  I wanted to die… Clearly we didn’t teach the restoration well enough the lesson before.  Then we ask her where she thinks she came from and she said hell.  And then she topped the lesson off my saying that she wants to go to the telestial kingdom. Okay cool.  Have a lesson today so I’m excited to see where it goes haha. WA SAN:  the miracle lady we found form area book when my cop was sick… I am 100% sure that is the reason my comp had chicken pox. She went to a viewing of “meet the Mormons” with is and then came to all three hours of church the next day in a nice dress and heels.  She she was laughing her head off and and chatting with the relief society sisters.  Loooove it.  I can’t wait to start teaching her. SAI SHIMAI- less active.  We taught her the sabbath day and during it, asked her who made the commandment.  She said she didn’t know.  It made me think so much of how essential that is.  If we don’t know who is behind whatever we are doing, then why would we do it?  It made want to recommit all of my actions to the person behind it… God. Okay have a great week!!! Erin


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